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0 B&B Recap – May 30 – June 3rd

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Thomas’ guilt about lying is suppressed when Steffy taunts him about her being a larger shareholder of Forrester Creations than he is. Seeing how badly hurt Ridge is, Stephanie vows to never allow him to go back to Brooke. Taylor accuses Brooke of intentionally seducing Thomas and threatens to have her prosecuted. After pointing out that Brooke ruined her marriage by having an inappropriate relationship with Thomas, Taylor states that now it’s her turn with Ridge.­   ­­­Taylor reveals to Ridge and Thomas that she knows what happened on the island. Whip turns to his Jackie M family for support after the break-up of his marriage to Taylor. Thomas has his first encounter with Ridge since having confessed about what happened on the island with Brooke. Stephanie urges Taylor to take advantage of this opportunity to reveal to Ridge how she truly feels about him. Stephanie illustrates to Thomas a very good reason to continue with his lie about Brooke.­

Stephanie reminds Thomas that his lie will ensure that Taylor and Ridge will get back together.  Thomas takes the blame for what happened on the island when Taylor attempts to get him to open up about his traumatic experience.  After learning that Ridge and Brooke have broken up, Steffy tries to pry out of her father why it happened.  Stephanie and Eric do not see eye-to-eye regarding who Ridge should be with.  Ridge and Taylor reminisce about the good times they have shared throughout the years.  Frustrated by their miscommunication, Liam goes to see Hope to tell her that he is done with texting and wants to discuss their relationship face-to-face.  After comparing notes, they realize that their text messages to each other have been intercepted by a third party.  Stephanie and Thomas continue with their secret and scheme as Steffy grills them about what they know regarding Brooke and Ridge’s marriage.  Brooke and Ridge discuss their options about the future of their relationship. After their emotional discussion about their marriage, Brooke is left to wonder what Ridge’s next move will be.  When Steffy learns about what happened on the island with Thomas, she takes the opportunity to tell Brooke how disgusted she is with her.  Stephanie and Thomas discuss the pros and cons of their lie.  Amber is heartbroken when Liam tells her that he doesn’t want anything to do with her or her manipulative mother, Tawny.


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