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0 B&B Recap – Nov 15 – Nov 19th

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Ridge suggests that Brooke work from home for the next few days, but she refuses because it may cause more issues. Whip calls Ridge to come over to talk to Taylor to help her deal with Thomas and Brooke’s scandal.  Ridge tries to convince an incredulous Taylor that Brooke is not a threat.  Amber assures Oliver that she is fine with being his second choice.

Marcus witnesses an awkward moment between Thomas and Madison. Brooke assures Stephanie that she will not be involved in anymore scandals.  Stephanie responds to Brooke that if she is involved in another scandal, she better start packing.   Brooke is dumbfounded by Thomas’ comment until he explains that the impact of their stunt will live on indefinitely through the Internet and the media.  Brooke warns Thomas that Ridge may be so upset that he will pull the men’s line.  Ridge arrives and tells them that they need to find a way to put an end to the latest scandal.  Eric urges Ridge to drop the line due to the stigma attached to it.  Oliver thanks Amber for helping him get over Hope.  Amber warns Oliver to stay away from her because she seems to hurt all the people that she cares about.  A livid Taylor confronts Ridge about his decision regarding the future of Thomas’ line. Taylor goes ballistic when she realizes that Ridge reneged on his word to her, is now supportive of Thomas and Brooke’s men’s line, and went so far as to give it a name, “Taboo”. Taylor, Brooke, Ridge and Thomas get involved in a fully heated argument and the group does not know how to handle Taylor’s intensity. Stephanie is told by Dr. Lewis that she has an opportunity to have her brain surgery moved up and it can be done today. Just before surgery, Stephanie shares a special moment with Eric and Dayzee. Hope invites Liam to be her date for the “Endless Summer” party for the Hope for the Future line. After Hope tells Liam about her kissing Oliver, she promises to make it up to him during their very special evening together. Amber comes across the “Endless Summer” invitation and formulates a plan to help Oliver win Hope back. She suggests that Oliver seduce Hope while Amber detains Liam from attending the party.  Ridge and Brooke join Dayzee and Eric at the hospital in concern and support for Stephanie.  Amber wants Oliver to crash Hope’s party, but he is reluctant to do so. She assures Oliver that she will take care of Liam and that he shouldn’t worry. At the party, Hope confides in Madison that she wants to take her relationship with Liam to the next level. Rick tries to keep Thomas from stealing the spotlight from Hope. Bill is upset that Liam is not out having fun being single and thinks he shouldn’t commit so soon to Hope.  When Amber overhears a town car being ordered for Liam, she gets an idea to keep him away from the party.

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