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0 B&B Recap – Nov 16-20th

Betty White, Susan Flannery, Alley Mills

© JPI Studios

While Bridget and Nick are ecstatic about their embryo being implanted, Sandy seems to be hesitant.  Sandy becomes mysteriously emotionally distant during the implantation process.   Donna begins to feel like an unwanted guest on her very own talk show.  She is later confronted by Stephanie about continuing to host the show regardless of Eric’s disapproval.  Whip unexpectedly runs in to Sandy from his past.  Whip becomes offended when she pretends that she doesn’t know him and attempts to avoid his questions.  Nick is suspicious of Sandy’s demeanor. Ann makes an impromptu trip to town with a specific intention in mind. Stephanie and Pam attempt to get Ann to remain in town for reasons that include being close in proximity to her family. Bill and Katie find romance in the sky on their way to their mysterious honeymoon location.  Ridge and Steffy relish in the idea that her latest publicity campaign and his designs could be a step closer to their family taking back Forrester Creations. Taylor graciously opens her home and lends her medical expertise to a friend who is in desperate need of assistance.  Feeling as though she is being put on the spot, Pam goes against Stephanie and Ann’s wishes.  Stephanie comes across some difficulties when she attempts to correct Pam’s mistake.  Steffy misinterprets and takes offense to Brooke’s comments about the Forrester family.

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