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0 B&B Recap – Nov 21 – Nov 25th

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas

Ridge comes up with a plan to help Hope and Steffy reconcile while at Thanksgiving dinner. Jackie becomes inspired by a pep talk that Sally once gave and decides to carry on her legacy. When Pam overhears a private conversation of Stephanie’s, she confronts her sister about being the cause of her recent misfortunes. Steffy and Hope bicker over the true state of Steffy and Liam’s marriage. Steffy concocts a scheme to ensure that Hope sees how happy she and Liam truly are.  ­Knowing that Steffy and Liam will be in attendance, Hope tries to get out of spending Thanksgiving with her family. Thorne surprises his family when he shows up to dinner with Taylor on his arm. Stephanie hopes that the family gathering will give her a chance to resolve her differences with Taylor. A holiday at the Forrester mansion would not be complete without there being drama involved.

­Hope is appalled by Ridge’s unconventional demand for her to reconcile with Steffy and Liam. Brooke and Taylor recognize that Hope and Steffy’s feud is almost a mirror image of their own ongoing feud. Rising tension between Rick and Thomas is observed by the rest of the family. Loving feelings resurface between Liam and Hope during a stolen moment alone.


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