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0 B&B Recap – Nov 22 – Nov 26th

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Bill has a heated debate with Katie and Donna about Liam and Hope’s relationship. While Hope’s “Endless Summer” party is in full swing, she is too busy worrying about Liam and trying to get him on the phone to enjoy herself.

Meanwhile, Amber continues to deceive an agitated Liam while keeping him away from the event.  Hours later, Amber is finally satisfied that she’s delayed Liam long enough and allows him to leave. Because of Liam’s absence, Hope turns to Oliver for comfort, not knowing that Liam is desperately trying to make his way to her.  Hope and Oliver get caught up in a passionate kiss and he asks her to make love to him.  Liam interrupts Hope and Oliver’s intimate moment and immediately explains why he didn’t show up at the party.  Amber confirms her involvement in Liam’s limo fiasco when Oliver calls her out on it.  Just as Nick expresses his regret for firing Jackie, she pays him a visit and offers him a solution to his current business predicament.  Jackie suggests that she return to the company to help rebuild their reputation along with Owen… and hopefully Bridget.  Stephanie calls Taylor, Thomas and Brooke to meet and attempt to resolve the issues between them.  Taylor asks Stephanie to help her talk sense into Brooke and Thomas.  Meanwhile, Brooke pleads with Stephanie to take her side about allowing Thomas this opportunity with the Taboo line.  When Liam tells Bill and Katie about his evening with Hope and Oliver, he thinks that Liam should dump Hope for cheating on him. Hope and Oliver individually reflect back to their intimate moment the night before.  Amber assures Oliver that Hope will be his again and offers to help him in exchange for him fulfilling her “needs”.

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