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0 B&B Recap – Nov 23-27th

The Bold and the Beautiful

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Dr. Freeman gives Stephanie and Pam upsetting news about their mother. When the situation gets heated from Stephanie and Pam not seeing eye-to-eye regarding Ann, Dr. Freeman threatens to get lawyers involved. While Taylor and Steffy make preparations for Ann’s return, thinking Stephanie will get her way, Pam learns that she has the upper hand in the situation and tries to use her new found power to her advantage. Separately, both sisters have discussions with Ann about the past, revisit childhood memories, and attempt to heal long standing emotional wounds. Bill and Katie return from their honeymoon and face the realities of the events that took place while they were gone. Donna’s job on The Catwalk causes tension in her marriage. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia attempt to prove to Eric that he’s better suited with Stephanie than he is with Donna. Steffy comes up with an unconventional solution to Taylor’s loneliness and shares her plan with her mother. Stephanie prepares to begin yet another new chapter in her life. Bill at first worries, but ultimately refuses to let a lost possession unnerve him. Whip and Steffy’s appearance on The Catwalk sparks backhanded compliments and an affable rivalry. New to the job, Steffy is forced to think on her feet. To Donna’s delight, and Bill’s amusement, Whip and Steffy’s encounter ultimately leads to a fashion challenge of whose new advertising campaign is the best, Forrester or Jackie M. Taylor corresponds with a mystery man on an online dating site and makes an impulsive date to meet him at Insomnia Café. Not wanting to be alone, Eric pays a surprise visit to Stephanie where they discuss their past over traditional martinis.

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