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0 B&B Recap – Nov 8 – Nov 12th

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Forrester Creations employees are rushing to get ready for the men’s line preview while reporters are losing interest following the “Hope for the Future” showing. Hope unintentionally implies to Oliver that their relationship might not be over then realizes she didn’t mean to give him false hope. Taylor voices her concern to Whip about Thomas being involved at work with Brooke.  In order to assist Thomas with capturing the media’s attention, Brooke agrees to go along with his publicity stunt. All attendees at the Forrester Men’s line preview are stunned by Thomas and Brooke’s publicity stunt.  The media bombards Thomas while Brooke jumps straight into damage-control mode concerning Ridge.  Dayzee pays a visit to a recuperating Stephanie, who in return, offers her a job at Forrester Creations.  Stephanie’s newfound affection for Brooke takes a backseat again when she learns about the publicity stunt at the fashion show.  Thomas admits to Taylor the true reason behind his actions at the preview.  Brooke begins to panic when it seems as though Ridge does not believe her innocence and is tired of the many scandals that she’s been involved in.  Thomas comes to Brooke’s defense in regards to the stunt and tells Taylor that she pushed him into acting the way he did when she gave Steffy the Forrester Creations shares.  He asserts to Taylor that he will always stick up for Brooke because of all that she has done for him.  Stephanie counsels Ridge on how to handle Brooke’s latest scandal. Brooke continues her attempt to speak to Ridge to explain about the stunt with Thomas, but Stephanie will not allow her to see him.  Hope apologizes to Thomas for stealing his spotlight, but reprimands him for causing a rift in Ridge and Brooke’s marriage.  After grilling Brooke about her participation in Thomas’ stunt, Stephanie is skeptical of the excuse.  Stephanie tries to convince Ridge that Brooke lacks the sense to know right from wrong even though she is capable of so much good.  While waiting for Ridge to return home, Brooke receives a visit from an unexpected guest.

­Hope confesses to Oliver that she can’t stop thinking about their kiss, but hopes that they can just be friends because she has moved on with Liam. Ridge is unsure about how he is going to handle Brooke’s latest scandal and continues to watch the video of the incident. Thomas is proud that the publicity stunt worked so well and gives Brooke credit for always creating a spectacle. Ridge returns home, wanting to talk to Brooke, but Thomas wants to talk to him first. Ridge wants an apology, but Thomas refuses because he feels as though he and Brooke have nothing to apologize for. Amber apologizes to Oliver for stealing the designs and explains that what she did was strictly business.­

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