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0 B&B Recap – Nov 9-13th

Susan Flannery, John McCook

© JPI Studios

Steffy is mortified by her actions and isn’t quite sure what caused her to make a move on an unavailable man.  Pam becomes an overnight Internet star due to her appearance on “The Catwalk”, and is offered a job because of it.  Bridget, Nick, and Sandy make their arrangement for surrogacy official. Bridget begins her first procedure in the surrogacy process, while Sandy does little to prepare for hers.  Stephen takes Beth back to their old neighborhood in hopes of her memory returning in time for Katie’s wedding. Steffy beckons the object of her desire to the Big Bear cabin to discuss what their kiss meant.  Old friends and family gather in celebration of Bill and Katie’s wedding.  Eric and Stephanie sit home in protest over the nuptials that are taking place across town.  Eric reveals a secret.  All present at Bill and Katie’s wedding are given the opportunity to present their feelings towards the couple aloud.  Bill makes a realization during the ceremony that he can no longer suppress.

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