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0 B&B Recap – Oct 17 – Oct 21st


Katie isn’t shy about her feelings regarding Steffy even though they differ from Bill’s. Brooke begins to suspect that Bill is involved in the Hope, Liam, and Steffy love triangle. Bridget is welcomed home by her family after being on an extended Hawaiian vacation with Owen and Logan.  Nick questions Jackie on her motive behind sending Owen on a trip with Bridget.  Brooke confronts Steffy about the events that took place in Aspen with Hope and Liam.  Bridget makes a heartfelt confession to Eric and Rick about her rekindled feelings for an old flame. Jackie welcomes Owen back from his trip with a romantic evening and important news regarding their marriage.  Bridget is surprised by an unexpected visit from Nick who interrogates her about the current state of her love life.  Nick and Bridget take a walk down memory lane as they recall all of the good times that they have shared throughout the years.

Cassie Colvin from “Big Brother 13” makes a surprise appearance as a friend who comes to Hope’s assistance.  Everyone is shocked at the news that an unlikely couple has become engaged to be married.  Steffy confides in Bill about how Brooke has become suspicious about them being allies.  When Brooke conveys her suspicions, Hope becomes determined to find out and expose the truth. Steffy is stunned when Thomas has a sudden change in attitude and surprisingly sticks up for Hope.  Stephen surprises Pam with his plans for their romantic honeymoon.  Pam and Stephen’s display of affection makes Stephanie ponder what her and Eric’s relationship is lacking.  Former lovers become nostalgic as they recollect their past together.


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