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0 B&B Recap – Oct 18 – Oct 22nd

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Stephanie checks herself into the hospital and demands immediate attention to treat her disease.  Eric, Ridge, and Thorne are surprised when they learn who was behind an anonymous message they received to meet at the Forrester Mansion.  With Stephanie’s permission, Taylor and Pam tell the family about Stephanie’s cancer.  Stephanie emotionally thanks Brooke for never giving up on her and vows to make a difference in the world after her recovery.  They bid each other goodbye as Stephanie is wheeled into the operating room.  Following her surgery, a weak Stephanie awakens to the sight of her family at her bedside.  Brooke introduces Dayzee to the Forresters and explains how instrumental she was at Stephanie’s decision to seek treatment for her cancer.  Stephanie informs her family about how she wants to help the homeless and asks them for assistance.  Amber devises a mischievous plan as she observes Nick and Aggie in an intimate moment.  She later pays a visit to Nick in the steam room and attempts to seduce him.  Whip and Aggie help Oliver strategize about how to win Hope back.  After witnessing Amber’s advances towards Nick, Aggie angrily confronts her.  Ridge shows his appreciation to Brooke for supporting Stephanie during her cancer.  Aggie claims her stake on Nick and warns Amber to stay away.  Amber attempts to make Aggie feel insecure by questioning Nick’s feelings for her.  Nick confesses to Aggie about Amber coming onto him and is surprised to learn that she already knew.  Thomas approaches Ridge and Brooke about creating his own men’s line.  Amber goes out of her way to meet Oliver… but with an ulterior motive.

Amber fakes an injury to get Oliver’s attention and uses her charm to flatter him with compliments.  She suggests that Oliver should have some fun with someone else while waiting for Hope to come back to him.  In the hospital recuperating from her surgery, Stephanie is impatient to recover so that she can get to work on her new project.  Dayzee tells Taylor, Liam and Hope of her history and how she met Stephanie.  After hearing Dayzee’s story about being homeless and how many thousands of people are on the streets, Stephanie vows to help make a difference. Amber confronts Aggie after overhearing her attempt to convince Nick to fire her. Fearing for her job, Amber assures Nick that she will produce designs comparable to ‘Hope for the Future’. Thomas shows Ridge and Brooke sketches for the men’s line to convince Ridge to make a final decision about approving the line. Taylor overhears the pitch and is not happy to learn that Thomas will be working closely with Brooke on the project. Amber helps Oliver make Hope jealous. Little does Oliver know that he is also helping Amber.

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