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0 B&B Recap – Sept 13 – Sept 17th

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Amber goes to Brooke for advice on how to win Rick back after her prior attempts had failed.  Rick tries his best to make Jackie realize that her marriage will ultimately fail due to Owen having a baby with Bridget.  Owen and Bridget discuss the potential for them to become a family with their son sometime in the future.  Bridget is stunned when she witnesses Rick and Jackie in a compromising position.  Bridget grills Rick about the interaction that she witnessed between him and Jackie.   Owen is relieved by Jackie’s confidence in him and their marriage after she informs him that she knows about Bridget’s feelings for him.  Brooke shares with Ridge her concerns about Bridget’s current circumstances.  Rick makes another attempt to convince Jackie that she should end her marriage to Owen.  Bridget and Owen share a tender moment together while paying a visit to their baby’s pediatrician.  Jackie is caught off-guard when Rick makes a tempting proposition.  Katie tries to convince a stubborn Bill to arrange a meeting with an equally stubborn Liam to put the bad feelings between the two of them in the past. Katie and Hope devise a plan to get Liam and Bill together to resolve their ill-willed feelings towards each other.  Liam and Bill soon learn that they had been tricked and both are reluctant to proceed with the meeting.  Oliver confronts Hope about the current status of their relationship.  Hope confesses to a heartbroken Oliver her feelings towards Liam.  Bill offers Liam an enticing opportunity to work at Spencer Publications. Liam learns more about the relationship that his mother had with Bill.  Hope becomes perturbed that she has to, once again, compete for the man that she is interested in when Steffy hints that she also has feelings for Liam.

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