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1 B&B Recap – Sept 26 – Sept 30th


Brooke and Eric are thrilled that their son, Rick, has returned from his time at Forrester International in Paris. Hope plans to surprise Liam with exciting information about their relationship. Rick tries to keep an open mind when he is introduced to his soon-to-be brother-in-law-, Liam. Katie corners Steffy to give a stern warning for her to stay away from her family. Bill makes a last ditch effort to talk Liam into not going through with his wedding to Hope.

Liam celebrates the last days of his bachelorhood with friends and family and a night on the town of Los Angeles. Steffy stands her ground against Katie by insisting that Hope and Liam will ever be married. Rick and Marcus share an awkward moment as they meet face-to-face for the first time since Amber had Marcus’ baby. Bill makes a secret phone call to someone who he knows can help him convince Liam to not get married.  Rick catches an eyeful as he is sees for himself what has been happening in Hope’s world since he’s been gone. Hope is caught off-guard when she witnesses a different side of Liam that she had never expected to see. Brooke and Ridge playfully discuss spending their future together as grandparents. Unaware of what is up her husband’s sleeve, Katie expresses to Bill her desire to have Steffy out their lives for good. Liam receives a phone call that rocks his world.

Big brother Rick is at the right place at the right time for him to come to his sister rescue during her darkest moment. Steffy is pleasantly shocked when she hears about the phone call that Liam received. Liam asks Steffy to help him rectify his current situation. Hope relives all of the happy memories that she and Liam have shared together. ­Steffy gives Liam an opportunity to back out of the offer that he had made to her the night before. Hope asks Brooke for an honest opinion about the perception of her relationship with Liam. Taylor receives a phone call with information that she had never expected. Barely able to contain her excitement, Taylor searches for Ridge, but finds Brooke instead. As Brooke chides Taylor about Steffy’s actions, Taylor blurts out her exciting news!


  1. jo says:

    I can’t believe how childish and plain stupid this show has become. Are the episode’s wrttien by teenager’s??? Disgusting Steffy is a freakin repulsive person. The actress playing her looks like crap and can’t act. Eww disgusting!!!


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