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0 B&B Recap – Sept 27 – Oct 1st

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Eric and Ridge confer about Stephanie’s birthday and what to get as a gift for the woman who has everything.  Both men agree that they need to do whatever they can to put Stephanie and Brooke’s feud on hold for just that one special day.   Ridge is relieved when Brooke tells him that she is willing to put in a concerted effort to repair her relationship with Stephanie.  Eric and Stephanie reminisce about their tumultuous history together.  When Eric confronts Stephanie about her odd behavior, she tells him that she has decided to plan her own birthday party this year. When Steffy suggests that Ridge become the new spokesmodel for the men’s lingerie line, he proves why he would be a good choice.  Stephanie denies Brooke’s attempt to make amends in their relationship and recommends that she focus her attention on Bridget’s current situation.  Hope tries her luck at asking Stephanie if she can take Liam with her to the birthday party and receives an unexpected response.  Upon arriving to the party, Liam puts his pride aside and makes an apology to the entire Forrester family.  When Oliver goes to Aggie and Nick about problems in his love life, he is given good advice about what to do, from two people who have had a lot of experience to speak from.  Stephanie has a difficult time maintaining her civility with Brooke during her birthday party despite the family’s wishes. During Stephanie’s birthday festivities, she surprises those in attendance with a special gift that brings out the child in them all.  With much persuasion from her family, Stephanie takes part in the merriment.  Liam goes out of his way to give Brooke a personal apology about Bill exposing the paternity of Bridget’s baby.  With Nick gaining closure on the end of his marriage to Bridget, the relationship between him and Aggie progresses after they share their true feelings for each other. Bridget begs Rick to reconsider his tactics after he attempts to convince her to support his pursuit of Jackie.  Afterwards, Rick makes an unexpected, yet persuasive, proposition to Jackie.  Bridget and Owen stumble upon information of how the public perceives their current situation.  Owen is taken aback by Bridget’s reaction to this information.  Brooke finds a private letter written by Stephanie that contains a secret that she’s been keeping from her loved ones.

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