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0 B&B Recap – Sept 6 – Sept 10th

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Bridget and Owen find themselves in an awkward predicament after sharing an intimate moment following the birth of their son, Logan.  Regardless of Stephanie’s words of warning about her unconventional and seemingly doomed relationship, Jackie feels as though her marriage to Owen will overcome him having a baby with another woman.  When learning that Bridget has given birth, Jackie pays a visit to the newborn and uninvitingly interjects herself into the mother/father/child bonding ritual.  Unbeknownst to Bill, a meeting between him and Liam had been secretly arranged by Katie and Hope.  Bill is reluctant to participate and the meeting doesn’t go quite as Katie and Hope had anticipated.   Eric questions Owens intentions and commitments to Jackie, Bridget and Baby Logan. Donna and Eric share a tender moment as they reminisce about their joys and regrets during their years together.  Having received numerous invitations from family members and loved ones, Bridget makes a decision about where she is going to live with Baby Logan.  Rick interrogates Bridget about her feelings for Owen.  Liam is touched by the thoughtful words that he overhears from Hope during her conversation with Bill.  To thank Hope, Liam takes her to the beach where he hints that he would like to be more than friends.  Katie thinks that something from Bill’s past is the reason behind Bill’s recent appalling behavior.  Owen feels torn between spending time with his wife Jackie and the mother of his newborn child, Bridget.  Bridget makes a heartfelt, yet surprising, confession to Rick and Brooke which is overheard by Owen.

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