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0 B&B Recaps – Dec 7-11th


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Steffy is shocked that Brooke knows what happened in Big Bear. When Katie notices that Bill’s necklace has been found, he feels compelled to tell her about how he lost it. Bridget and Taylor interrogate Whip about Sandy. Nick continues to push Sandy for answers about her true identity. Katie confronts Steffy about making a move on Bill and makes an assumption about why she did it.  Bill sets the record straight.  Nick keeps his promise to Sandy by not revealing to Bridget what he had learned.  Taylor’s second attempt at Internet dating has a discouraging outcome as the first. Steffy is in disbelief that Katie’s reaction to her indiscretion would be so drastic.  Because of Katie’s reaction, Steffy vows to do all that she can to get Forrester Creations back in the hands of her family.  Bill goes out of his way to redeem himself with Katie with a surprise.  Taylor unexpectedly enjoys the company of her extremely charming and adoring blind date. Nick makes a confession to Brooke regarding the secret he is keeping from Bridget. Whip warns Sandy about possible consequences to keeping secrets from Nick.  Sandy tries her best to not raise Bridget’s suspicions while Nick continues to put her on the spot.  Despite the great time she had on their date, Taylor has second thoughts about going out again with her new suitor.  Bridget inadvertently hits a nerve with Sandy while trying to get to know her Sandy puts Nick in his place when he continues to probe her about her past. Taylor takes on a new and very determined patient who hopes that she can cure what’s ailing him.

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