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0 DAYS Recap – Feb 15 – Feb 19th

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Bo arrives at the basement to find Hope unconscious and no sign of Carly. He pulls Hope free from the crates and tells her to not give up. Hope is taken to the hospital where she awakens to find Bo by her side. She asks about Carly. Stephanie receives a text from Nathan to meet him outside. He whisks her away on their romantic getaway. Stephanie believes that Nathan could be the one and he agrees. At the lodge Stephanie nearly reveals Melanie’s letter, but decides against it. She and Nathan kiss. At the wedding reception, Maggie has a conversation with Victor about welcoming Melanie into his family. At the same time, Kate has a change of heart about Vivian and tells Stefano to call off his men. Meanwhile, Will gives Mia a Valentine’s Day gift. He suggests they sneak out of the wedding but Lucas is disapproving. Also, Brady jokes with Arianna about getting engaged until they are interrupted by Victor. Vivian finds Melanie at the wedding reception and tells her she has information about her mother. She takes her up to the roof to “talk.” Meanwhile, Carly arrives at the wedding reception and Maggie tells her Vivian and Melanie are on the roof. Carly arrives in time to see Vivian about to push an unaware Melanie off the roof. Melanie turns to question Carly as Vivian reaches for a metal rod. Carly shoots and Melanie jumps in front of Vivian. Melanie is hit! Carly is horrified, while Vivian is pleased. Philip searches for Melanie at the reception. He and Brady find her, wounded, on the roof. Philip questions Carly about what happened and is shocked to learn she shot Melanie.EJ tells Sami that they need to face the fact that Sydney is probably dead. Too much time has passed and he blames Rafe for this. Sami defends him. Later, Rafe arrives and promises Sami that he will find Sydney. Rafe interviews everyone involved in the case again. Meanwhile, EJ tells Anna that Sami must suffer until she has nothing left. Rafe calls Anna to meet and she agrees, shaken by EJ’s rage. Anna asks EJ if he’s planning on killing Sami. Chloe meets Daniel at the hospital where he has made surprise arrangements for her to have a sonogram. The doctor can find no signs of a baby. Daniel is shocked and Chloe is in denial. Melanie is rushed to the hospital with Philip by her side. He confronts Carly about Melanie being her daughter. Why would she shoot her own daughter? Brady tries to calm down Philip, who is still upset. Maggie tries to comfort Philip, as well.

Vivian moves to follow Melanie to the hospital, but Victor confronts her about the comb and her lies. He tells her to pray that Melanie lives and they get ready to leave for the hospital. Kate and Lucas observe a nervous Vivian and discuss what happened on the roof. Kate suspects Vivian and vows to make her pay if Philip is hurt. The doctor treating Hope confirms to Bo that she will recover. Maxine enters and tells Bo what has happened to Melanie. Bo finds Carly in the hall and asks her to explain, but she sees and attacks Vivian. Bo gets her to calm down and claims that Vivian won’t get away with shooting Melanie. Victor informs Bo that Carly shot Melanie. Bo is in shock. He then discovers that Carly has admitted to being Melanie’s mother. He warns her to keep quiet until they get a lawyer for her. Meanwhile, Justin goes in to see Hope, and is hurt when she mutters in her sleep that she loves Bo.

Daniel explains that Chloe is suffering from a hysterical pregnancy and comforts her. Later, he aids Lexie in surgery and he learns what Carly has done. Melanie flat lines. Meanwhile, Chloe discovers what’s going on and shows her support for Philip with a hug. At the Brady Pub, Arianna questions Chloe about her good news. Chloe begins to cry. She explains that she’s not pregnant and never will be.

At the lodge, Nathan knocks over Stephanie’s purse and is about to find Melanie’s letter. Stephanie appears and stops him. She claims Nathan is going through her things. He apologizes and they make love. Rafe comforts Sami and then goes to meet Anna at the police station. He notices that she is nervous and tells her to relax. Before Rafe gets far with questioning her, he receives a call and leaves unexpectedly. Meanwhile, EJ takes Sydney’s clothes and dumps them into the harbor. He calls Sami to meet at the DiMera Mansion and apologizes for upsetting her. EJ brings up Johnny and they argue. Rafe arrives and is forced to tell Sami exactly what had been found in the harbor. Sami is heartbroken as EJ identifies the clothing. Rafe attempts to comfort her while EJ tells her to have hope. Elsewhere, Anna plays cheerfully with Sydney. Carly confesses that she was aiming to shoot Vivian. Everyone at the hospital is in shock. Vivian faces off with Bo. Philip is conflicted on whom to believe. Kate comforts him and begins to shed some light on Vivian’s possible motives for harming Melanie. Victor reminds Vivian that her fate rests on Melanie’s. Kate has it out with Victor, suspecting he was in on Vivian’s plan, and wonders why he is protecting Vivian. Lexie explains that Melanie needs blood. Bo leaves with Carly to donate blood and asks her to explain how she went from being unconscious in the hospital to shooting Melanie on the roof.

Daniel works on Melanie, who is now hooked up to a cardiopulmonary machine. He repairs the damage and tells her to fight for the happy life she will have with Philip. Lexie brings in Carly’s blood. She explains to shocked Daniel that Carly is Melanie’s mother. Back in the nurses’ station, Abe tells Bo he’s got to play this case by the book. Bo is forced to take both Carly and Vivian away in handcuffs. Vivan, however, keeps silent and Bo is forced to release her due to the lack of evidence. Lawrence “visits” Carly and explains that he couldn’t have done it better himself. Later, Bo comforts Carly and tells her to have faith that Melanie will pull through. Back at the hospital, Melanie comes out of surgery thanks to Daniel’s heroic efforts. Philip is able to see her for a moment and tells her that he loves her. EJ helps Sami cling on to hope. While waiting for the DNA results, Sami and EJ bond while talking about their daughter. The test results come back and reveal that the blood is Sydney’s. Sami is upset. A gulf grows between her and Rafe as EJ paints a picture of what probably happened to Sydney. Rafe feels guilty. Later, Lucas hears about what happened and comes to comfort Sami and to help tell Allie. Rafe takes a phone call and Sami complains to Lucas about Rafe being unable to grieve. She walks out and Lucas follows. Meanwhile, Anna tells Sydney that she’s about to start a new life with her daddy. EJ returns and explains to Sydney that this is for her own good. He also explains his secret plan to Johnny.

Melanie has stabilized but still hasn’t woken up and Daniel can’t explain why. He suggests to Philip that he and others close to her try to give her the will to live. Unfortunately, Philip doesn’t get through to her, nor do Maggie or Brady. In the meantime, Bo tells Carly he raised the money to post her bail. Carly learns from Bo that Melanie survived the night but hasn’t woken up. She is desperate to see her daughter. He informs her she can’t due to the terms of her release. Later, however, Carly sneaks into the hospital to see Melanie anyway and Daniel catches her. In a desperate attempt, Carly finally convinces Daniel to let her into Melanie’s room. She makes an emotional appeal to her daughter but finds it isn’t working. As she turns to leave, however, Melanie wakes up to see Carly there. Hope learns from Justin that Carly shot Melanie. She backs up Carly’s story. Wanting to help, she leaves to see Bo and finds out he has posted bail for Carly. Hope realizes Bo loves Carly, that things haven’t changed between them and it’s too late to reconcile. Justin tells Philip Hope’s side of the story about Vivian. Philip calls Vivian, wanting the truth. Nathan and Stephanie continue their romantic getaway. Nathan puts his past with Melanie behind him and doesn’t check his voicemail after Maggie leaves him a message about Melanie. Later, Nathan catches Stephanie with the letter from Melanie. She makes an effort to explain it is from Melanie, but he refuses to talk anymore about her. Finally, Stephanie destroys the letter. Daniel comforts Chloe about her hysterical pregnancy and sets up a session with a psychiatrist for her. However, she secretly reschedules and confesses to Arianna that she can’t bring herself to talk about it yet.

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