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1 DAYS Recap – July 11 – July 15th

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Taylor asks EJ directly if what everyone is saying is true: did he kidnap Rafe and replace him with the imposter who killed her mother? A grim and serious EJ holds her and then boldly lies. He claims everything Bo, Hope, Rafe and Sami said is untrue. This sparks outrage and incredulity on the part of the others but Taylor clings to the hope that perhaps EJ isn’t lying, that perhaps Stefano alone is responsible. Sami takes special pains to get Taylor to see the truth, and finally she realizes that she’s deluding herself. She wheels on EJ, wondering what kind of monster proposes to a woman all the while knowing he caused her mother’s death? EJ fights for himself but Taylor has had it. Rafe unleashes a brutal tirade against EJ just as Johnny walks in. Johnny is confused by what he sees and the anger leaves an indelible impression on him. When EJ tries to tell him he’ll explain all, Johnny reacts in fear and clings to Sami and Rafe for protection. He wants to leave with them. EJ has to watch as one by one the people he cares about walk out on him – Stefano, Taylor, Johnny. He is finally left totally alone, with only his grief for company. Carly has encountered Quinn’s drug dealer and is momentarily tempted, but withdraws before making the mistake of buying his wares. The dealer has recognized her, however, as the woman Quinn wants him to investigate. Meanwhile, Vivian has gotten curious about Quinn’s offer to help her and is suspicious that he’s really out to get her. Quinn surprises her by opening up a little and her fears are put to rest. Later, Quinn learns that Carly was tempted to buy drugs. He calls his mother and tells her this shocking piece of news.

Jennifer crosses with Adrienne, upset about a brief and impersonal note Jack sent via email. Adrienne quickly deduces that something else is on Jennifer’s mind. Jennifer confesses she’s backed away from Daniel as a way of helping Carly, who has feelings for him. Adrienne says Jennifer is crazy and shouldn’t be so selfless. Later Jennifer sees Carly in a close moment with Daniel and Melanie and thinks she’s doing the right thing, backing away so as not to interrupt the family bonding. Stefano, furious about the conclusion of the Rafe imposter debacle, writes off EJ and declares Chad is his only true son. Chad is appalled but EJ is indifferent. A tender Kate kisses Stefano, saying that no matter what happens, she loves him. Taylor tells Nicole she found out what EJ did to Rafe and Sami. She has broken up with him. She waits for Nicole to rub her nose in it but her sister is surprisingly understanding. They reach a tentative rapprochement just as EJ unexpectedly arrives.

Sami and Rafe enjoy a wonderful day with Johnny and Sydney, the nightmare of the past few months finally over. Sami realizes there’s only one thing that would make her life perfect, and she calls Lucas, telling him it’s time Allie came home. Sonny bonds with Will, Gabi, “T” and Kinsey (who thinks he’s hot), then joins Adrienne and Justin, who tell him that Victor is extremely upset that he hasn’t come to visit yet. They worry how Victor will react when Sonny tells his great uncle the truth. Sonny assures all will be fine. When Victor questions Sonny about his love life, Sonny tells him he’s gay. Hope tries to get Rafe2 to implicate the DiMeras but Abe has received flack from the D.A.’s office about Bo having deputized her. Abe warns that Bo could lose his job over this. Bo wants to make it seem like they’re pulling her, but hopefully she’ll be able to finish the job. At the same time, it looks like Hope is making inroads. She promises to protect the imposter from the DiMeras but he rebuffs her. Roman is brought in and basically tells him he doesn’t have to give the DiMeras up but warns that he will be dead once they get a hold of him. Hope returns and lets him know she’s being pulled from the case. She promises to see his Witness Protection deal through, but only if he talks now. Rafe2 hesitates and decides he’ll take his chances in prison. Meanwhile, Bo wishes they had some insight into the imposter, and Detective McCarthy remembers him looking at a picture of a particular perp. EJ tries to appeal to Taylor, but Nicole is protective and won’t let him get near. Taylor gently asks her sister to leave. Taylor says she appreciates EJ admitting his faults, but she wants her mother back and he’ll never be able to give her that. Meanwhile, Nicole bumps into Kinsey. The two women bond, and Nicole offers to give Kinsey some money.

Chad asks Kate if the accusations against his father and EJ are true. Lexie shows up and wants to hear the answer to that question from her father. Kate says it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, both Chad and Lexie need to circle the wagons and support their father. Kate goes, and Lexie reminds Chad that he doesn’t have to live this life. After Lexie leaves, Kate urges Chad not to abandon Stefano. Although he’s torn, Chad ultimately decides to tow the family line – for now.

Sonny comes out to Victor, and he offers his honest opinion. He worries that Sonny will be subject to bigotry and hostility. Sonny tries to make Victor see that being gay is not a choice, it’s who he is. Victor gets it, but worries for his grandnephew. At the same time, Adrienne and Justin fill in Maggie, and she worries how Victor will take it. Protective Adrienne shows up ready to blast Victor, but Sonny stands on his own two feet. Maggie calls Victor on his negativity. Victor says that’s not the case. He’s just telling it like it is. Maggie isn’t impressed and leaves. Bo tells Hope that McCarthy recalls seeing Rafe2 checking out an old mug shot and they think it was his own. While McCarthy tries to find that photo on Rafe’s computer, Bo and Hope ask Sami if she remembers any clues as to the imposter’s real identity. Sami comes up empty but points out his weakness for women. After Bo and Hope leave, a distressed Johnny says he heard bad things about EJ and Stefano on TV. Sami calms him down and they head to the airport with Rafe and Sydney to pick up Allie. As they walk, they come face-to-face with EJ. Meanwhile, McCarthy finds Rafe2′s mug shot pre-surgery and gets his name and crimes. Bo thinks there’s something in this they can use to get him to implicate EJ and Stefano. Hope has a plan.

Lexie confides her upset about her family to a supportive Daniel. She learns he’s not going away with Jennifer for the weekend and asks why. He explains that Jennifer broke up with him but he doesn’t have a clear explanation as to why. Lexie insists he talk to her and get to the bottom of what’s troubling her. Meanwhile, Abigail confides to Jennifer her upset about the DiMera debacle and how it affects Chad. Jennifer urges her to follow her heart, and Abigail points out that Jennifer is doing the opposite by breaking up with Daniel to make Carly happy. Jennifer insists she’s doing the right thing and when she runs into Daniel at the hospital, she rushes off before he can speak with her. Chad asks EJ if it’s true that he and Stefano brought in the Rafe imposter. Before EJ can answer, Chad decides his brother won’t tell him the truth to avoid incriminating himself. EJ explodes, not caring if he goes to prison, having already lost everyone he cares about. Chad wants to know if Stefano was involved and EJ says yes. This breaks Chad’s heart. He accuses EJ of destroying their family and runs out. Chad runs into Abigail, and realizing she must know what his family did, tells her to let him have it.

Bo and Hope struggle to connect the imposter to the DiMeras. Abe has bad news for Hope but before he can have Bo remove her from the force, she slips off. Meanwhile, Bo presses Abe to give them a little more time. Elsewhere, Hope arranges to get Rafe2′s perp file to someone for help. Later, she arrives back at the station, and Abe and Bo have no choice but to relieve her of her duties. She understands, and Bo asks about her mysterious plan. Brady tells Bo he’s concerned EJ will remember he was responsible for his attack. Bo tells Brady that hopefully EJ and Stefano will be behind bars. If not, and EJ does remember the attack, Brady will have to face the consequences. Abe interrupts Brady and Bo with news. Abe reveals that after much petitioning from Bo, Abe and Victor, the governor has granted Hope a full pardon and expunged her criminal record. Hope breaks down into tears as Abe swears her back in as a cop. Sami refuses to treat EJ the same way he treated her when she had lost the children. She allows him to talk with the kids, but EJ is cut to the quick when Johnny wants nothing to do with him. Sami asks Rafe for a moment alone with EJ. Once they are alone, she rails on EJ. She says all of this is his own doing and it would be best if he gave up the children. Sami leaves. Back at the loft, Allie comes home and Rafe reassures her that he will never hurt her.

EJ runs into Stefano, who makes amends and assures his son they will beat this together. There is no way the imposter will talk. Meanwhile, Rafe2 gets a new cellmate and wonders if it is Stefano’s doing. Taylor learns from Brady that he is the one who attacked EJ. Taylor is worried for his safety and Brady says it’s doubtful EJ will ever find out , but privately he’s worried. Later, Taylor runs into EJ and she rebuffs him. She subtly checks to see if he remembers anything about his attack, but he says no. As she walks away, however, she triggers a flash and EJ recalls seeing women’s shoes. Abigail is supportive of Chad. Both realize that while their families are screwed up, they still have each other.


  1. friday says:

    This show is so boring. Same stupid stories over and over again. The acting is really bad, especially Rafe, Gabby and Will. Instead of talent I think casting directors go for a certain look.


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