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0 DAYS Recap – Nov 15 – Nov 19th

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Rafe wants to use Sydney to get the goods on Nicole. Sami is resistant, but reluctantly agrees. Rafe goes to Nicole, who is excited to bond with Sydney. While Nicole is distracted, Rafe unleashes a virus on her computer to corrupt the video of Sami’s confession. Then he sets this sights on Arianna’s camera. At the same time, Sami confides in Will. He tells his mom Rafe will take care of the situation. Meanwhile, EJ has a heartfelt conversation with Lexie. Afterwards, EJ decides to kidnap his children and flee the country. He goes to Sami’s and chloroforms her. As Sami passes out, Allie walks in. Bo and Jennifer have a heart-to-heart, and Jennifer comes clean about Jack abandoning her to “find himself” on a walkabout. She’s angry, but is happy to be around friends and family for a while. Jennifer goes to the hospital to see Maggie, but meets Ben instead. When she learns he, too, has been on a walkabout, she storms off. Hope and Carly talk about Bo. Carly promises to look for more information on Lee. Later, Hope goes to the prison infirmary and questions Lee. Carly returns to Bo, who worries for Hope’s safety. Carly, alone, admits to herself that Bo and Hope aren’t through with each other.

Rafe nearly manages to erase the source video of Sami’s confession, but Nicole catches him in the act and throws him out. She covers with Brady. After Rafe goes, she realizes that he’s destroyed all her copies, and if she makes another on her laptop, the tape will self-destruct.  Allie walks in on EJ and nearly foils his attempt to flee with his kids. He manages to calm her and shares an emotional reunion with Johnny before realizing that Sydney is not there. Panicked, EJ flees. At home, he considers his now-limited options when Nicole shows up on his doorstep. She tells him she can help him get his kids back. Meanwhile, Rafe finds unconscious Sami and realizes what happened. He picks up the phone, intent on getting EJ arrested. Victor receives an email from “Maggie” saying that she’s decided to leave town. He reacts to the puzzling news of her sudden departure. Meanwhile, Maggie slowly begins to lose her mind in the sarcophagus. Stephanie stands up to Caroline and resolves to tell Nathan the truth about Chloe’s baby’s paternity. Meanwhile, Nathan and Melanie have a scratchy at work as they tend to a patient and, later agree that they can no longer work together.

Sami questions Rafe about what happened to her. He tells her of EJ’s plan to steal the kids. Sami is horrified. Rafe wants to call the police, but Sami stops him. She needs to know what happened with Nicole first. Rafe goes on to explain that Nicole still has the confession on tape, but he was able to corrupt all other files. Sami wonders if Nicole is still a threat. Meanwhile, Nicole delivers Sami’s taped confession into EJ’s hands. As a reward, Nicole wants Sydney back in her life. EJ hints at a positive outcome for Nicole while reeling from the truth. Later, EJ confronts Rafe and Sami. As the group fights, Bo interrupts and demands answers. Ben walks in on Melanie and Nathan fighting. He reprimands them on their behavior and sends them home. After Ben leaves, Melanie and Nathan reconfirm they cannot work together. Meanwhile, Stephanie feels guilty when she sees the perfect family picture of Daniel, Chloe and Philip. Daniel notices this and becomes suspicious of Stephanie, who covers. Melanie, upset, continues to reject Carly, but Daniel is there for her. Meanwhile, Philip’s love for the baby and his loyalty to Chloe are clear. Chloe reaffirms her friendship with Carly. Nicole stops by to visit and hints at good news coming her way. Later, Ben realizes a patient died of a mysterious illness. At the same time, Daniel sees that Melanie is very sick, and elsewhere, a horrified Stephanie, wanting to tell Nathan the truth about the paternity test, realizes he’s sick as well. Bo meets with Jennifer. Carly shows up and she and Jennifer discuss Hope and renew their friendship. Bo, Carly and Jennifer all go to the hospital to visit baby Parker. Later, Jennifer has another run-in with Ben, who blows her off while in crisis mode.

Sami, EJ and Rafe conceal the truth about her confession, but Bo is no dummy and realizes something is up. EJ leaves, and Bo and Rafe go the Brady Pub. Bo warns him that EJ isn’t the only one pressing Sami. The police have all but figured out Sami shot EJ and an arrest could be forthcoming. Bo advises Rafe to marry Sami immediately in order to protect her. Caroline overhears and thinks it’s a good idea. Rafe hates what EJ is doing to Sami. Gabi talks him down from the ledge, and later, Rafe, determined to save Sami, makes a call.  EJ confronts Sami about shooting him and she slips saying Kate told her he was going to take the kids. Still, she says he can’t prove anything and EJ says that’s where she’s wrong. He mentions the gun and Sami says he doesn’t have it. EJ begs to differ and offers her a deal. Melanie and Nathan are very sick. Daniel and Stephanie get both parties to the hospital where they are put in quarantine. It appears they’ve contracted a virus from a patient they both worked on, and it’s deadly. As Daniel, Carly and Ben try to figure out a course of action, Stephanie and Philip exchange heated words and are tested. Later, Daniel is tested, too, and it appears they are all negative. As Melanie and Nathan’s conditions deteriorate, Ben realizes they may have the Loma Virus and there’s a chance they will not make it. Philip appreciates how Chloe has kept their secret. Through interactions with baby Parker, Philip realizes he’s ready to be a father. Meanwhile, Carly and Daniel share a moment while worried about Melanie. Bo arrives to comfort Carly.

EJ tells Sami that in exchange for keeping quiet about her confession, he wants full custody of Johnny and Sydney. Sami can never see them again. Sami threatens to go before a judge about EJ’s misdeeds. EJ points out that the children will find out and reject her. He will also make sure Will and Rafe go to prison for covering up her crime. She will lose everything.  Rafe confronts Nicole about giving EJ the video of Sami’s confession. Nicole says Rafe and Sami left her no choice. Now she’ll get Sydney. Rafe tells her she’s a fool for thinking EJ will let her back into Sydney’s life. Meanwhile, with no choice, a devastated Sami agrees to EJ’s terms. He gives her twenty-four hours to come up with a convincing reason why the children are moving back with him, never to see their mother again. A destroyed Sami confesses all to Rafe, who tells her to marry him – that night. EJ crosses with Nicole and tells her Sami is giving him custody of Johnny and Sydney. Confidence shaken, Nicole asks if she’ll get to see Sydney. EJ is unreadable. Vivian calls Maggie, and tortures her about not having any food or water. Victor learns about Melanie’s illness, and worries that Maggie can’t be found. He calls Vivian, who rails at him for rejecting her for Maggie. Brady’s guilt over burying Vivian alive causes him to dream about Isabella, who urges him to free Vivian. Kate talks him out of it, and tells him about Melanie and the virus. He rushes to the hospital, and crosses with Victor, who tells him no one can find Maggie, who said goodbye via e-mail. Brady remembers that when Vivian planned to put Maggie in sarcophagus she forged letters. Twigged, Victor realizes that Vivian put Maggie in the sarcophagus just as she loses consciousness. Chad tells Will he’s decided to see Stefano. Will reminds him of the risk he’s taking by admitting he’s Stefano’s son. Chad understands, but shows up at the DiMera mansion, looking for Stefano. Kate tries to keep him away, but Chad convinces her to let him see him. When Kate leaves to get Stefano, Chad quietly pulls out a knife from his pocket.

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