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0 DAYS Recap – Nov 21 – Nov 25th


Sami and EJ believe that Johnny is dead and come together in their grief and have animalistic sex to block out their despair. Unbeknownst to them, Rafe and Will have found Johnny hiding in the Brady Pub, which was sealed off as a crime scene. Rafe tries to call Sami, but can’t reach her. Rafe has some loving scenes with Johnny while waiting for Sami to return home, and Brady shows up. Rafe confides to Brady that Sami blames him for Johnny’s disappearance and he isn’t sure what she’ll do. Brady is sure it will all be forgotten once she returns home and finds out Johnny is alive. Will goes to the DiMera mansion and spies his mother and EJ making love. Stunned and disgusted over her betrayal of Rafe, Will backs away without making his presence known. Unaware Will has seen them, Sami and EJ come to their senses and are horrified by what they have done. Sami gets the message from Rafe that Johnny is alive. They both want to rush to see their son, but Sami warns EJ that he can’t come with her because no one can ever find out they had sex. Will returns home to Rafe and it looks like he might tell him what he saw… but he stays silent, knowing it would hurt his family. Sami returns home and is reunited with Johnny. Sami apologizes to Rafe, who mistakenly assumes she’s referring to blaming him for Johnny’s disappearance. Sami doesn’t tell him the real reason. Will looks at his mother, bitter over her shameful behavior. Nicole helps Brady and Madison put up posters for missing Johnny. Nicole defends EJ to Brady, who again warns her not to go down that road again. Brady leaves to visit Rafe. Nicole confides in Madison about her confusing feelings for EJ. She does care but is afraid of being hurt again. Yet, she also believes he’s changed. Brady returns and shares the good news about Johnny with Nicole and Madison. Elated, Nicole goes to tell EJ. He is still grappling with what happened with Sami and is stunned when Nicole declares her love for him. He loves her as well, but he also knows he and Sami have a secret which has the potential to destroy their happiness.

Earlier, Brady is surprised to find Madison putting up posters about missing Johnny. Madison says she’s not the heartless bitch Brady thinks she is. Brady understands that she’s not someone who shares her feelings or emotions easily. After they learn Johnny is alive, they share an embrace that becomes chemical… But Madison backs off yet again, even though we sense she wishes she could be with Brady. There is much joy and relief in the aftermath of Johnny’s homecoming. Sami and Rafe are still overwhelmed by all they’ve been through. It’s overshadowed by the horrific private guilt and self-loathing felt by both Sami and EJ, who’d do anything to turn back the clock and erase the fact that they had sex. Will can barely look at his mother and asks her very pointed questions about her whereabouts when Johnny was found. Unsettled Sami doesn’t know why he is acting the way he is. Rafe is protective of Sami when she becomes upset with Will’s questions. Sami feels guiltier as Rafe showers her with love. Later, she can’t bear to look at herself in a mirror and breaks it. Rafe misunderstands and just comforts her, assuring things will be all right. Sami, fearing otherwise, feels even worse. EJ is equally wracked with guilt, especially now that Nicole has decided to give their relationship another chance. He’s finally gotten what he wanted so desperately but now he must lie to Nicole – or lose her for good. They go to the loft, where EJ is reunited with his son. Only Will knows why Sami and EJ are uneasy around each other but he keeps mum.

Jack goes to Jennifer and tells her he understands why she’s angry. Heartfelt, he explains as best he can why he’s acted the way he has and goes into more detail about his captivity, how it changed him and made his return to Salem tougher than he ever imagined. Jennifer is affected by his honesty. It’s a big moment when Jack admits he needs help.

Abigail bumps into Austin, who’s also out for a bite while Carrie works on her leniency argument for John’s sentencing. Although there’s an age difference and they’ve never known each other all that well, they strike up an easy rapport, genuinely enjoying each other’s company. When Carrie texts to say she’ll come meet Austin, Abigail heads home but she has enjoyed the evening more than she expected. After he pleads guilty, John is to be sentenced. He and Marlena try to be optimistic, believing their love will see them through this nightmare as it always has. Carrie delivers a persuasive speech to the judge for leniency, but John refuses to speak on his own behalf; the sooner he is sentenced, he believes, the sooner his family will be safe again. The judge surprises everyone by doubling the maximum sentence because he wants to use John as an example to prevent this from ever happening again. Marlena is crushed as John is led away to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Hope confronts Stefano about the phoenix paperweight with the inscription referencing his bond with Alice. Stefano artfully sidesteps by paying tribute to Hope’s tenacious attitude and their shared history. Stefano finally admits he probably did give Alice the paperweight, but denies it was anything more than a thank you for help on a charity. He claims his assistant probably sent it. He cautions Hope from investigating, but she won’t be deterred. Stefano warns Hope to let the secret of dead people lie because she might not like what she finds out.

Jennifer, Jack, Abe, Lexie, Chad and Abigail gather at the pub to make Thanksgiving food boxes for the homeless. Abigail is pleased when Austin shows up without Carrie. After Abigail leads Chad to believe she’s preoccupied because her father is watching them, he appeals to Jack for a truce. Jack will reserve judgment. Jennifer overhears Jack on a phone call and mistakenly thinks he’s going off on another assignment. He reveals he’s been offered a job teaching journalism at Salem U. Abigail isn’t sure she wants her father working on campus, but is more enthusiastic when she hears Austin has also been offered a job teaching forensic accounting.

Maggie brings Victor, Daniel and Melanie to her old kitchen to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Daniel and Melanie are touched to be included, especially after he discovers Maggie made a recipe his mother used to make. He still doesn’t understand why his mother and father never told him the truth about his parentage. Maggie wants Daniel and Melanie to get tested to see if they are preconditioned to also get myasthenia gravis. Daniel talks to Melanie and Victor about his stalled relationship with Jennifer. Victor cautions all is fair in love and war. Melanie admits to Daniel there is someone she likes (Chad) but it will never happen.



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