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0 DAYS Recap – Nov 22 – Nov 26th

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Rafe convinces Sami to marry him that night, promising that they’re stronger together and they will fight EJ to get her children back. Sami can’t bring herself to tell her kids that EJ is taking Johnny and Sydney away and decides to wait until after the wedding. Caroline comes to Sami to offer support and encouragement. Sami shows up with her kids and Caroline to find a romantic storybook setting that Rafe has set up. Sami takes his hand to marry him. Nicole learns EJ has insisted on full custody of the children, with Sami having no access to them. Nicole asks EJ where she fits in when he regains custody of Sydney and Johnny. EJ offers no promises, but Nicole gets to him when she bares her soul about her love for Sydney and only wanting the best for the little girl.

Victor realizes Maggie is locked in the sarcophagus. Vivian senses something is up with Victor and orders Gus to check things out at the mausoleum. When Victor arrives to rescue Maggie, Gus knocks him out. Victor comes to and Vivian is there to taunt him, as Maggie watches from the screen in the sarcophagus. Chad draws a knife on Stefano to get a blood sample. Stefano is shocked to find out Chad thinks he is his father. They go to the hospital to get tested and find out for sure. Rafe and Sami are about to get married, when she breaks down over her sorrow about losing Johnny and Sydney to EJ. Rafe says they can wait, but Sami decides she wants to marry him, despite what EJ is doing to them. Rafe and Sami begin their ceremony with their family present. Nicole presses EJ about where she fits when he regains custody of Sydney and Johnny. She starts to get to him by recalling their past. Just when EJ seems like he might give in, he gets a call that Sami and Rafe are getting married and he loses it. Vivian is about to kill Victor, when Brady races in to stop her. Victor opens the sarcophagus to get Maggie out, but Vivian says he’s too late. Victor thinks Maggie is dead, but finds a pulse and revives her by professing his love. Maggie opens her eyes to hear it, but goes out again. Victor thinks he’s lost her. Doug and Julie visit Hope and they sense something is bothering her. She covers. When they bring up Thanksgiving, Hope thinks about the poor women there who have no family. Doug can tell these women matter to Hope. Hope returns to the infirmary, and subtly questions Lee about her background. Lee smoothly doesn’t answer, but leaves Hope with a vague warning.

Sami and Rafe are married in a moving ceremony. EJ and Nicole arrive and disrupt the post-wedding celebration as he insists on taking his children immediately. Later, EJ coaxes Johnny into coming with him as Nicole approaches Sami to take Sydney. Maggie is taken to the hospital, where she is expected to make a full recovery. As she questions Victor about what happened, she realizes what Vivian told her is true: Victor knew Vivian was in the sarcophagus and left her there. Upset Maggie kicks Victor out of her room and out of her life. Meanwhile, Brady goes to the police station and gives a statement against Vivian. He thinks he can keep Vivian quiet, but she threatens to bring down everyone who kept her in the sarcophagus. Brady reluctantly retracts his statement. Hope gets closer to the truth about what’s happening in the prison infirmary. She manages to steal a cell phone and gets a cryptic message to Jennifer. Jane catches her, and sends her to solitary confinement.  It looks like Vivian is going down, but she convinces Brady and ultimately Victor that if she sings, they’re all going down with her. Victor warns Vivian to stay away from Maggie. Vivian says Maggie is not her concern, it’s Victor and his gang that she’s gunning for now. Bo reads Brady’s revised statement and realizes something is up. When he questions the detective about the original statement, he learns it’s been shredded. Vivian tells Gus she’s just getting started. As their fever and symptoms worsen, Melanie and Nathan’s true feelings come out. Meanwhile, Daniel and Carly refuse to give up hope, and later, it looks like he may have found an antidote to save them.  Sami has to give Johnny and Sydney to EJ and Nicole. Her reception at the Brady Pub is anything but joyous when she and Rafe arrive without Johnny and Sydney. Roman realizes EJ’s claims about Sami shooting him may have been truthful. Will and Gabi become closer over the hardship the family is experiencing. Later, Sami and Rafe share a bittersweet wedding night. Meanwhile, EJ takes the children home and Nicole has a bit of déjà vu. EJ warns her not to get too comfortable. She reminds him of their deal. Nicole asks when she can see Sydney again, and EJ tells her to come back tomorrow.

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