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0 DAYS Recap – Nov 8 – Nov 12th

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Justin plays a video of Arianna, who discusses her will. She bequeaths some of her possessions to Rafe and Gabi, who are touched. Sami fears that Arianna has left her camera with to EJ. However, EJ receives a statue of Saint Anthony for his faith in her. Sami is relieved, while EJ is disappointed. Brady arrives and is shocked to learn Arianna has left the rest of her estate to him! Melanie walks in on Philip, Victor, Brady, Nicole and Kate celebrating keeping Vivian entombed in the sarcophagus. They all lie to Melanie, choosing not to get her involved. Later, Kate speaks with Melanie and tells her Chloe lies about everything and can’t be trusted. Melanie calls Chloe, and says they have to meet. She can’t live with the secret anymore. Meanwhile, Philip tells Victor he hates lying to Melanie. They go to Vivian’s old bedroom to check on her. Gus, who escaped Victor’s men, has rescued Vivian from the sarcophagus. She calls Maggie and convinces her to meet at the mausoleum. Vivian blames Victor for her entombment. Horrified, Maggie insists they go to police, but she ends up in the sarcophagus! Chad reveals to Will that he received a birth certificate in the mail and it names Stefano as his father. The sender was anonymous, although Chad, without revealing to Will, believes it was Kate. Will thoughtfully warns Chad to stay away from Stefano and advises him to say nothing. Chad isn’t sure what he’s going to do. Sami, EJ, Rafe, Nicole and Brady are shocked by the news that Brady is the main benefactor of Arianna’s estate. EJ and Rafe get into a fight, which Roman interrupts with news about a new witness in Arianna’s hit-and-run case. Sami, Rafe and EJ meet with the witness, who claims he saw a shiny object fly out of Arianna’s purse and into the gutter. EJ rushes out to see if it was Arianna’s evidence, but Sami is confidant that it’s long gone. Meanwhile, Justin gives Brady the keys to Arianna’s safe deposit box. Brady collects Arianna’s belongings. When Brady leaves the room, Nicole discovers the camera – and the truth about what Sami did! Maggie freaks out in the sarcophagus. Vivian is triumphant as she and Gus hide away in a hotel room. At the same time, Victor discovers he can no longer see Vivian on the monitor (Gus has disconnected the video feed). Victor uses the audio to contact Vivian, who pretends to still be in the coffin. Suspicious, Victor and Philip go to the tomb to investigate. Will Victor discover Maggie? Melanie indicates to Daniel she has something important to tell him, but stalls. She then tells Chloe she must come clean. Chloe follows Melanie to the Horton cabin to have it out with her. A livid Melanie calls Daniel to tell him about Chloe’s affair. Suddenly, Chloe goes into labor!

Rafe and Sami make love, and he pledges his commitment to their future together. Meanwhile, Stefano excoriates EJ for staking everything on finding the proof against Sami. Marco brings EJ bad news about his search for the camera. EJ gets an idea. Meanwhile, Stefano confirms to Marco that he is to proceed with his orders for the hit. Nicole watches Sami’s full confession on Arianna’s camera. She ultimately decides not to tell Brady what she’s found, unsure about his loyalties to Sami and realizing she might be able to use this information to get Sydney back. Later, she shows up on Sami’s doorstep, prepared to drop her bombshell. Victor and Philip nearly discover Maggie in the sarcophagus, but at the last minute Victor decides not to open the lid. Vivian, who redirected the audio, is able to fool Victor into thinking she’s still in the sarcophagus. She’s hurt by Victor’s unkind words and is driven to torment Maggie. Vivian also prepares to send out an email explaining Maggie’s disappearance. Victor and Brady discover Gus has escaped, but they think he left town without Vivian. They assume Vivian is still trapped, not knowing it’s really Maggie who’s in the sarcophagus. Melanie realizes Chloe really is in labor, which precludes her from telling Daniel the truth about the affair. Daniel enlists Philip’s help in getting a boat en route to the island. Meanwhile, the baby is coming much more quickly than expected, and Melanie is forced to play delivery nurse. Later, Chloe is exhausted and delirious. She starts to spill to Melanie that the man she slept with was Philip. Nicole reveals to Sami that she has Arianna’s camera and plays the video of the confession. Sami freaks, but Nicole says she can be bought. She tells Sami her terms – she wants Sydney back in her life. Sami believes Nicole will use this to turn Sydney against her someday and she refuses to let that happen. Before Nicole can leave, Sami attacks her. They fight, and Nicole tries to flee, but she slips and hits her head. EJ goes to Brady to sniff around for clues about Arianna’s proof and finds Rafe there. Unable to get answers, EJ leaves. At home, he wonders if the religious statue Arianna left him holds a clue. He breaks it, but finds nothing and loses faith in getting his children back. At the same time, Brady asks Rafe if Sami shot EJ. Rafe evades, but Brady warns him – if Sami did it, EJ will make her pay. Rafe takes off, alarmed for Sami. Melanie helps Chloe give birth as Daniel and Philip arrive in time to witness. Chloe and Daniel bond over their new son and Melanie thaws toward Chloe. They get the baby to the hospital. Melanie backs off from telling Daniel the truth. Philip gets to hold the new baby, not knowing it’s his own son. Philip tells Melanie he’s ready to become a father. Stephanie tells Caroline she’s meeting with Roman. She’s going to reveal that Philip is Chloe’s baby’s father. But when they get to the hospital to tell Roman, they run into Daniel, Chloe and the new baby – the picture of a happy family. Stephanie puts her plans on hold for now, but still intends to tell the truth.

In the struggle with Sami, Nicole has hit her head and is knocked out. Rafe enters, and revives Nicole, who tells him Sami tried to kill her. Nicole reveals Sami’s confession on the camera. Rafe asks Nicole what she wants and she explains that she wants visits with Sydney. Rafe agrees and Nicole goes. Sami doesn’t know how she can ever survive handing Sydney off to Nicole. Rafe, with a plan, says she won’t have to. Carly shows a file to Bo based on research she did regarding possible prison infirmary shenanigans. Bo realizes Hope needs to have this information, but Jane won’t let him see her. Bo comes up with a plan to help Hope, one that involves Carly. Jennifer pays a surprise visit to Hope, explaining she’s in town to deal with Alice’s estate – and to help her cousin. Afterwards, Jennifer bumps into Bo and says she may be moving back to Salem permanently. Bo wonders what’s going on with her. Lee and Jane agree that it’s best to keep Bo and Hope separated. Jane realizes she needs to find a way to keep Hope isolated. Later, Carly visits Hope, following Bo’s plan. Carly tells her Lee used to be a doctor and had her license revoked after being convicted for illegally filling prescriptions. Shocked, Hope realizes Lee might have something to do with the mysterious deaths. Chad confronts Kate with his birth certificate. She neither confirms nor denies that she sent it to him. Kate warns Chad of Stefano’s dark side, and advises him to think long and hard before he lets Stefano know that they may be father and son. Later, Kate lies to Stefano about her meeting with Chad. Chad calls Stefano from a payphone, but hangs up without saying anything.

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