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0 GH Recap – April 19 – April 23rd


Jax stonewalls Ronnie from finding Michael on the island.  Jason calls Max and instructs him to move Michael to another location.  While talking to Morgan on the phone, Michael reveals the name of the place where he’s hiding out.  Carly has the jury eating out of her hand by the time she finishes testifying.  Realizing she’s been outmatched by Carly, Claire tells Dante that Sonny will walk away a free man unless she gets Michael on the witness stand.  Diane capitalizes on Carly’s testimony and rests her case, confident that Sonny will be acquitted.  Sonny impulsively pulls Carly into a kiss.  With his video crew in tow, Warren rips into Mac, accusing him of protecting Alexis for personal reasons.  Warren publicly accuses Alexis of murder and vows to get vengeance for Kiefer.  Sam slugs Warren when he implies Kristina got what she deserved.  Molly asks Jason to handle Warren.  Kristina’s emotionally wrecked as she remembers Kiefer beating her .

Over Diane’s objections, Judge Carroll agrees to Claire’s request for a twenty-four hour extension in the trial to give her the chance to try and track down Michael.  Dante struggles with his conscience after he manipulates Morgan into revealing Michael’s new location.  Dante comes face to face with Michael.  While eavesdropping on Claire and Jax, Morgan realizes that Dante tricked him.  Skye reaches out to Kristina when she goes to revisit her former home.  Thinking she knows how to help Kristina find some closure, Skye takes her to the Haunted Star to talk to an equally guilt-ridden Ethan.  Ethan is great with Kristina and both are left feeling better after their talk.  Alexis is shaken by Warren’s wrath as she knows he isn’t going to back off until he makes someone pay for Kiefer’s death.  Lucky warns Ethan and Luke that Warren is screaming for blood, alleging a police cover-up and claiming Ethan was the one who beat Kristina.

Michael confesses everything to a disbelieving Dante and even gives him the blood stained shirt he wore on the night he killed Claudia.  On the plane back to Port Charles, Dante admits to Michael he’s not sure what he’ll do if he gets definite proof of Michael’s guilt.  Maxie confesses to Jason that although she loves Spinelli, she fears he won’t be enough for her in the long run.  Johnny plans on buying a lavish new penthouse and wants Olivia to move in with him but she tells him that will never happen.  Maya questions Luke about Edward. Dante admits to Lulu he’s wrestling over what to do if Michael is telling the truth and did indeed kill Claudia.  Dante confronts Sonny after getting proof of Michael’s guilt.  Sonny’s fate rests in the hands of the jury after Diane and Claire deliver their closing arguments.  Helena pays a visit to Luke, who wonders what she’s really up to.  Olivia tries to explain to Johnny why she can’t move in with him.  Lucky notices Elizabeth’s growing attachment to Shirley, a terminally ill cancer patient. Maxie’s surprised to find Michael with Lulu.  Lulu pleads with Maxie not to tell Jason where he can find Michael, insisting she let Dante handle things.  Sonny tells a skeptical Jason he feels confident Dante won’t turn Michael in.  Dante explains to Lulu he’s facing a no win situation.  Dante and Lulu find Michael missing when they return to her apartment.  Michael makes a call asking someone to come pick him up.  Carly’s torn over her conflicted feelings for Jax.  Skye asks Luke to help her track down Alcazar’s illegal hidden assets.

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