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0 GH Recap – April 25 – April 29th

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Maxie tries to set Liz up to let Lucky know the truth about Aiden’s paternity. Instead, Liz and Lucky share a heartfelt moment in which she supports his marriage to Siobhan. A self-destructive Luke arrives to Sam and rants about Jason – purposely provoking Jason to come after him. Luke waits in his office with an empty gun in hopes Jason will show and shoot him, but Sonny shows up instead. Dante refuses to give into Sonny’s pressure to use PCPD connections to protect Michael, and he intends to prove Michael’s innocence. Michael erupts in anger when Abby is arrested for Brandon’s murder. Michael makes a (false) confession after punching Dante, who brings to light evidence that Abby is guilty. Tortured by Michael’s chosen path and Jake’s death, Jason tells Sam his doubts about being a good father and role model.

Sonny struggles to talk Luke down from self-destruction as Sam updates Lucky on Luke’s warpath with Jason. Lucky asks Nik to help him stage an intervention while Luke plans of his own. Maxie continues to encourage Liz to tell the truth about Aiden, and they get to heart of Liz’s emotional motivation to keep the secret. Dante stops Ronnie from using Michael’s false confession, and Jason sets out to find out the truth from Abby. Jason, Sam and Michael wonder who would plant a false witness to frame Abby of murder. Anthony has big plans to use Brandon’s murder as a catalyst. Luke, ready to leave Port Charles behind him, visits Liz and Siobhan to tie up loose ends. Tracy discovers Luke is on the run and intends not to come back. Lulu, Nik and Ethan are hesitant to participate in an intervention, but Lucky and Tracy rally the Spencer family. Lucky cold-cocks Luke. Robin advises Brenda to get a DNA test to put to rest any doubts Sonny has about Lucian. Brenda announces her decision to Suzanne, who privately plots. As Lisa assures Patrick that she is moving on, we see Kristina continuing to take the dangerous drug Lisa prescribed her as a “natural herb remedy.” Robin and Patrick make date night plans assuming Emma is safe with Kristina as her babysitter. Kristina supports Ethan as he struggles with his father’s alcoholism.

The Spencers, Nik, Sonny, Carly and Steve encircle Luke in a surprise intervention for his alcohol addiction. Through individual letters, flashbacks and loving pleas, they ask Luke to choose rehab or else live with the consequence of losing everyone in his life.  Sonny appeals to Abby, asking her to break off with Michael while she is under investigation. Sonny issues an ultimatum to Michael to stay away from her. Anthony eavesdrops as Jason lays out his theory that Johnny set Abby up for murder. Anthony gets an eyeful of Lisa and Johnny demands to know what is going on. Sonny is still doubtful of Lucian despite Brenda agreeing to a DNA test. Brenda and Robin turn their back on Lucian for a second – and he’s gone. Maxie questions Jason and Sam’s timing on having a baby so soon after Jake’s death. Lisa shows up at the Drake house as Kristina is babysitting Emma and gives her more “herbal supplements.” As Kristina falls asleep, Lisa galvanizes to action as Patrick prepares to return home.


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