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0 GH Recap – April 26 – April 30th


Sonny and Jason aren’t on the same page when it comes to Dante and what he may or may not decide to do with Michael.  Dante lets Lucky know everything that’s going on and brings him in on the search for a missing Michael.  Dante, however, remains extremely conflicted as he struggles with the dilemma of allowing Sonny to get convicted for a crime he didn’t commit or revealing that Michael killed Claudia.  Maxie admits to Jason that Michael has been hiding out at her and Lulu’s place.  Maya discovers Michael at the Quartermaine boathouse.  With their love for one another clearly evident, Jax and Carly put aside their differences to spend time as a family together with Morgan but the mood is soon broken by a call from Sonny.  Skye fuels Tracy’s jealousy to keep her in the dark about what she’s up to with Luke.  Elizabeth remains in denial about Shirley’s inevitable demise Jason implores Lulu to let him know if she finds out where Michael’s hiding.  Lulu is left emotionally shredded after Carly rips into her for not calling her the minute she saw Michael.  Maya decides not to give Michael up to the Quartermaines or the authorities and lets him hide out at the boathouse.  Michael contacts Carly, telling her he’s going to turn himself in if Sonny is found guilty.  Lisa remains the lone holdout on amongst the jurors with her “not guilty” vote.  Alexis has a heartfelt talk with Kristina.  Kristina goes to see Sonny, who hopes his failings didn’t push her towards Kiefer in the first place.  Nikolas turns to Patrick for parenting advice while Spencer and Emma play in the park together.  Patrick shares his insight about Elizabeth with Nikolas.

Knowing full well she’s bending the law, Claire tips Johnny off to the fact that Lisa is the lone “not guilty” holdout on the jury.  Johnny later approaches Lisa in her room at the Metro Court.  Carly resorts to threats while imploring Olivia to get Dante to tell her where Michael is.  Claire warns Dante there could be serious repercussions should Sonny be exonerated.  Ethan doesn’t blow the whistle on Maya when he sees her helping Michael.  Patrick and Robin argue over their vastly different opinions of what they should do after catching a glimpse of Michael in the park.  Jason cautions Sonny that his faith in Dante is misplaced.  Despite Kristina’s pleas, Alexis tells Mac that Michael is at the lake house but he takes off.  Kristina and Molly are later reunited with Michael and Morgan at the Quartermaine’s boat house.  Michael remains hopeful that Dante will keep his secret.  Lisa gives an impassioned speech to the other jurors before they take a final vote.  Dante makes a shocking announcement in the courtroom. Dante disrupts the courtroom and does his best to defend Michael’s actions while recounting his story on the witness stand.  Carly tries to do damage control when the judge orders her back on the stand.  Sonny faces off with Dante.  Lucky’s sympathetic to Michael’s plight when he finds him at the boathouse.  Jason and Lucky end up in a standoff over Michael.  Claire confronts Jax for having her go after Sonny when he knew all along he didn’t kill Claudia

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