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0 GH Recap – Aug 1 – Aug 5th


Lucky suffers emotionally from drug-induced hallucinations.  Meanwhile, Ethan discovers Siobhan with a nosebleed.  EOD, Liz finds Lucky, and we see her help him that mimics identically how he saved her after the rape.  Carly interrupts Jason and Sam, stunned (and unhappy) that they are engaged.  Carly is followed by a looming presence – will he/she do her harm?  Sonny returns home and wrecks the bedroom he shared with Brenda.  Robin visits with a note from Brenda, will she open it?  Spinelli remains insufferable as Maxie troubleshoots escaping the sewer. Lulu and Dante return home to Port Charles.  Later, Dante finds a very high Lucky.  Paranoid and delusional, Lucky runs away after knocking Dante unconscious.  Lucky contemplates walking over the jetty edge.  Lulu and Tracy share a heart to heart over Luke’s disappearance.  Anthony plots his next move with Sonny, Lucky and Tracy.  Later, he makes a phone call to Skye and invites her to Port Charles.  Michael and Abby spend a romantic day on the island.

We find out who was following Carly – the mystery person has returned to Port Charles to visit Josslyn.  Jax holds a picture of Josslyn; he has clearly not let this go.  Skye makes her presence known to Edward and Tracy.  The bigger question is why has she returned to town.  Tracy sees Skye has received flowers from Anthony.  Sonny confides in Jason, but he remains angry that Brenda left with Jax.  Matt implores Patrick to put his foot down with Robin – she is making the hospital a living hell as chief of staff.  EOD, Patrick “kidnaps” Robin.  Michael arranges for he and Abby to stay longer on the island – despite Abby’s desire to return home to work.

Refusing to give up on him, Liz goes in search of Lucky.  Meanwhile, Lucky stumbles to the abandoned church where he and Liz exchanged vows.  Dante searches for Lucky.  Later, Liz and Siobhan are about to have a showdown over Lucky’s whereabouts.  Sonny and Johnny face off at a warehouse, each making thinly veiled threats.  Skye sees an unaware Jax back in Port Charles.  Matt and Maxie discuss their relationship in spite of Spinelli.  Patrick arranges a spa day for Robin, only for her to leave early for the hospital.  Olivia helps Carly out with a fundraiser at the Metro Court.

Lucky remains in trouble – he flashes back to major highlights of his relationship with Liz.  Liz and Siobhan argue about him, the two women struggle and Siobhan falls down a flight of stairs.  Horrified, Liz rushes Siobhan to the hospital with another tragic turn.  Jason and Sam start planning their wedding and try to pick a date. Worried about Josslyn, Carly convinces Jason to investigate with her.  Skye reveals to Carly that Jax is back in town. Meanwhile, Jax takes Josslyn.  Olivia and Sonny have a heart to heart.  They speed towards Carly’s home and get in a major car accident.


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