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0 GH Recap – Aug 23 – Aug 27th


Johnny arrives at the ER with a serious gunshot wound.  While Johnny struggles in the ER, Sonny claims he wanted peace, convincing Dante that he shot Johnny in self-defense. Ronnie disposes of Johnny’s gun into the river. Ronnie arrests Sonny and tells Dante that Sonny lied and Johnny was found unarmed. Brenda refuses Von Schlegel’s offer to be the face of Franco’s art masterpiece.  Jax warns Claire about Sonny’s patterns with women. Through a gunfight, Jason helps rescue Sam from Lopez and his men, but the couple runs into trouble when a police officer stops them on the side of a dirt road. Patrick finds Emma with Lisa back at their home.  Lisa makes a veiled but very unsettling threat. Sonny continues to plead his innocence that he shot Johnny in self-defense and asks his son to uncover the truth. Sonny and Diane are surprised when Claire reveals her evidence of recorded conversations in which Sonny planned to murder Johnny and then claim self-defense. While Johnny is in surgery, Lucky’s investigation leads him to question the absence of Johnny’s gun. Michael pleads his father’s innocence to Jax and Dante. Brenda is pressed to give Murphy an answer to his marriage proposal, but she remains noncommittal. Jason and Sam act their way out of getting arrested carrying contraband. Sam twists her ankle and Jason carries her safely to a wooded campsite and they share a romantic evening by firelight. Patrick and Robin confront Lisa for essentially kidnapping Emma, but delusional Lisa feigns innocence.  Patrick confesses his infidelity and Robin is shattered.  Robin kicks Patrick out.  Kristina stands vigil outside the ICU after Johnny’s surgery.  Ethan arrives and assures Kristina she is not to blame for her father shooting. Jason and Sam come under fire. Lisa overhears Robin telling Maxie that she kicked Patrick out.  Maxie counsels Robin not to rush to judgment. Maxie asks Lucky for help in digging up dirt on Lisa. Robin warns Lisa that if she comes near Emma again, she will kill her. Lisa approaches Lucky at the PCPD saying that Robin threatened to kill her. Robin melts down on Patrick in front of everyone at the hospital. As Dante and Lulu are about to reconcile, Brook Lynn shows up insisting that just because Dante was drugged, it doesn’t discredit the fact that Dante truly wants her.  Lulu suggests they take a break, but Dante works hard to convince Lulu otherwise. Dante and Lulu make love. Michael discovers Carly is paying Brook Lynn to seduce Dante, and he confronts her. Nik overhears Liz admitting that she will always associate Wyndemere with betraying the love of her life.

Sonny, faced with serious murder charges, maintains he shot Johnny in self-defense.  Unable to get in touch with Jason, Sonny asks Dante—not as a cop, but as his son—to believe him. Sitting at Johnny’s bedside, Olivia begs Johnny to live so she can tell him how much she loves him and so they can be together. Trapped, Jason and Sam barricade themselves inside the cabin while Lopez’s men continue to shot at them. Patrick begs Robin to give him another chance, swearing he loves her – but Robin refuses Lisa files a report with Lucky that Robin threatened to kill her, and she believes her life is in danger. Lisa discovers her locker trashed and covered in blood. Brook Lynn denies Michael’s accusations, giving nothing away that Carly put her up to breaking up Dante and Lulu.  Lulu confronts Brook Lynn and warns her to stay away from Dante. Nik makes an unselfish move and arranges for Elizabeth’s sister, Sarah, to invite Elizabeth and the kids to come stay with her.

Dante tells Sonny that he believes his story. As Diane berates Sonny for trusting Claire Walsh, Sonny flashes back to the time he discovered Brenda wearing a wire. Brenda reminisces of the time Sonny and her first made love.  Brenda accepts Murphy’s marriage proposal, and they make plans to return to Rome. After a passionate kiss with Sam, Jason decides to slip out a side window for a sneak attack on the Lopez’s men. Lisa immediately blames Robin for trashing her locker. Both Robin and Patrick recognize they are dealing with someone who is mentally deranged. Despite all of Patrick’s apologies, Robin will not forgive him. Lisa throws herself in front of Robin’s moving car, making it seem like Robin tried to run her over. Brook Lynn admits to Lulu she is officially giving up on Dante – but Lulu does not buy it. Brook Lynn bluffs to Carly that she succeeded in breaking up Dante and Lulu so she will pay her.

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