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0 GH Recap – Feb 1 – Feb 5th


Sonny’s horrified to realize he’s shot his own son.  Olivia and Sonny work valiantly to keep Dante alive until the paramedics arrive to whisk him to the hospital.  Lulu fears the worst when neither Sonny nor Dante show up at Josslyn’s christening.  Lulu makes a grisly discovery when she goes to Sonny’s looking for Dante.  Sonny tells a barely conscious Dante that they’re father and son, which Olivia overhears.  Carly finds a DVD sent by Franco among Josslyn’s christening presents.  Robin’s taken aback to learn that Patrick has known Dante is Sonny’s son for quite awhile and never told her. Jason stops Morgan from playing the DVD Franco sent.  Olivia lashes out at Sonny for telling Dante the truth.  Johnny stands by Olivia as she holds vigil at the hospital.  Lulu shocks everyone at Josslyn’s party when she tears into Jason with the accusation that Sonny shot Dante.  Lulu rips into a guilt-ridden Sonny at the hospital.  Jason insists that Sonny needs to flee the country but he refuses to leave his son.  Sonny is arrested for Claudia’s murder.  Lulu voices her love for Dante to Nikolas.

Luke, Carly and Ethan all reach out to support Lulu.  Lulu is by Dante’s side when he awakes from surgery.  Dante thinks he had a dream wherein Sonny claimed to be his father.  Olivia regrets not having told Sonny the truth about Dante when he first came to town.  Carly is sympathetic to Olivia’s plight.  Jason tells Carly she needs to convince Sonny that he needs to leave the country.  Sam makes a risky move and manages to steal the gun Sonny used to shoot Dante from the police station.  Michael confesses to Morgan, Kristina and Molly that he’s the one who killed Claudia.  Robin remains angry with Patrick for not telling her the truth about Dante. Lulu breaks the news to Dante that Sonny really is his father.  Dante takes his anger out on Olivia, accusing her of lying to him his entire life.  Carly implores Sonny to leave the country but he can’t go through with it in the end.  Jason and Sam feel the heat from Ronnie.  Mac starts to question Olivia as Lucky begins to take Dante’s statement.  Jax confesses his role in Sonny’s arrest to a stunned Carly Sonny makes it as far as the tarmac but can’t bring himself to turn his back on Dante and leave the country despite Jason’s protests.  Olivia and Dante both lie to protect Sonny.  Lulu has a hard time accepting Dante’s decision to cover for Sonny.  Sonny arrives at Dante’s hospital room.  Carly takes Josslyn and Morgan and walks out on Jax.  Nikolas suspends Elizabeth after she has another meltdown at the hospital.  Nikolas appeals to Lucky to reach out to Elizabeth but he refuses.  Kiefer’s abusive with Kristina.

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