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3 GH Recap – Feb 20 – Feb 24th


As toxic gas is released in the lab, Robin saves unconscious Patrick, dragging him to safety. She manages to also save Jason’s drug protocol but gets trapped inside the secure glass doors of the lab. She manages to get the drug to Patrick, but although Patrick tries desperately to get Robin out, with their hands meeting on either side of the glass, the lab explodes. As Carly searches for Johnny on the roads, we realize someone is about to murder Dante. At the last minute, Sonny jumps in the line of fire, saving his son’s life. Later, Dante gets help, but Steve, Mac, and Kate only find a pool of blood. Michael discovers an unauthorized party at the lakehouse — and a drunk, unconscious Molly! All fingers point at TJ. Maxie tries to keep Matt from getting drunk with Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Maggie blurts out a lie — that she and Steve had an affair! — to keep Olivia from finding out their secret.

As Patrick battles to get to Robin, Sam and firefighters force him to give up when they discover her charred ID and body in the debris. Later, Sam holds Jason’s antidote as Anna asks Patrick about Robin’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Jason asks Spinelli to dig deeper into Franco’s recent DVD gift. Carly accompanies Johnny home to face a bleeding, angry Sonny. Dante arrives ready to prevent a mob war, and Johnny implicates Anthony in more than one attempt on Dante’s life. Meanwhile, Tracy questions a suspicious acting Anthony on his whereabouts, though Anthony tries to deflect suspicion onto Kate, who is having a total meltdown about Sonny’s whereabouts and whether he’s dead or alive. Michael watches over a recovering Molly until Alexis comes home. Furious, she bans TJ from ever seeing Molly again, but Molly defends TJ.

Sam makes a decision on whether or not to tell Jason about what has transpired at the hospital.  Patrick speaks to Anna, and pain turns to anger.  EOD, Sam has an important request for Patrick.  Dante and Sonny discuss their vying allegiances to family and to law.  Meanwhile, Olivia realizes Kate is more shaken by the events than she lets on. Carly and Johnny get close, only for Shawn to interrupt at the door.

The last thing Patrick wants to do is save Jason’s life, and he tells Sam flat-out that Jason doesn’t deserve to live while Robin has died. By the end of the episode, Patrick all but declares that Jason Morgan is as good as dead. Meanwhile, Anna breaks the news to Mac and makes a call to find Robert. Mac then runs into Sonny at the hospital and tells him about Robin. The two men argue about how Robin’s life was affected by her getting caught up in Sonny’s world, and Sonny ends up devastated. After interrupting her rendezvous with Johnny, Shawn admits his romantic interest in Carly, but she is at a loss for words. Later, Carly and Johnny have a heated and passionate moment. Tracy, Edward, and Anthony discuss the Soleito mob past and Sonny Corinthos. Tracy thinks Anthony was the one behind the shooting. Later, Sonny appears at the Quartermaines, thirsty for Anthony. Cassandra and Ethan fall deeper in love, and she fires Ewen as her psychologist. But soon enough, Helena Cassadine appears with a dagger. Meanwhile, Ewen discovers Kate in the storm, wearing her bloody wedding dress.

Anna manages to bring Patrick to reason — Robin would never forgive him for letting Jason die. Finally, Patrick tells Sam he will save Jason. Starr Manning and Cole Thornhart are driving through Port Charles with their baby daughter, Hope, on their way to finding a place to settle down and keep Cole away from the law. Cole professes his love and devotion to Starr just as a car swerves into their direction. Sonny holds Anthony at gunpoint, eager to take out his vengeance on the old man. Tracy surprises everyone and protects Anthony from Sonny’s wrath. But as Anthony speeds away, he thinks he sees Sonny chasing him, and he drives into oncoming traffic when his tires suddenly go out.  Kate is just as confused as Ewen about why she is standing in the storm in her bloody wedding dress. Did she blackout? What is going on with her? She tells Ewen about her recent instances of losing time. We realize Helena has mastered a plan all along for Ethan to fall for Cassandra — only for her to betray him. Worse yet, Luke is helplessly bound and gagged. Helena intends for someone to die. Dante and Lulu discuss Sonny’s sacrifice in saving Dante’s life, and Dante breaks the news of Robin’s death.



  1. Sandy says:

    I am so proud to be a fan of Kimberly and Jason…so proud to be a Scrubs fan. Monday’s scenes made me cry so hard, and I am not a cryer when it comes to watching soaps…except for when I watch Jason and Kimberly in the happiest and saddest moments. Their last “I Love You” ‘s, telling one another how they were each other’s “whole life…my whole world,” tore my heart into shreds. Watching Patrick fight to save the love of his life, and break down completely when he was told Robin was gone, and that all that was left were her wedding and engagement rings, and then telling Anna the horrible story about what had happened, saying over and over again: “I couldn’t save her. I’m sorry,” and wondering how he was going to tell Emma about her mother. Jason Thompson and Finola Hughes were absolutely stellar in these scenes, and Jason played the enraged, grieving husband to perfection as he ripped into Sam when she discovered he had the protocol to save Jason in his hands no more than ten minutes after he was told the love of his life was dead! It was great to see Patrick unleash his fury about Robin’s death and Jason’s indirect role in it each time Sam would give him reasons why he had to save Jason.

    Jason Thompson has been amazing as Patrick Drake for the past six years, but this week, and in the weeks to come as Patrick deals with Robin’s death and the aftermath, he will be nothing short of brilliant.

    This week has also seen an amazing performance by John J York. Mac’s reaction to Anna telling him about Robin’s death was heartbreaking….just as heartbreaking as he was when Georgie died. This storyline is bringing out the absolute best in Jason, Fiona, and John, and I can hardly wait to see the scenes with Tristan, Rick, Jason Cook, Jen Lilley, and Becky Herbst.

    It breaks my heart that Kimberly’s exit was done this way. As a Scrubs fan, I was hoping for some sort of happily ever after, especially after the issue with Robin’s viral load was squared away. I can only say that the bright spot in this storyline…if there is any, is that Jason Thompson, Kimberly McCullough, Finola Hughes, and John J York have shown their not-surprised fans, and the fans of GH, what amazing talents they truly are.


  2. Barbara says:

    PLEASE PLEASE don’t kill Starr’s daughter Hope off. Starr can still date even if she’s got a child. That should NOT MATTER anyway. Cause it’ll be bad enough if Cole dies. Hope DOES NOT NEED TO DIE!!! She’s a baby!!!! What did she do to deserve getting killed off?!!!
    And get Natalie and baby Liam on GH!!! John needs them!!! They need each other!!!


    barbara t replied

    Im hoping the baby was thrown from the car when in went over the ,where ever it was, you right,starr can date and have a child.thats so sad ,and I still hope that robin is alive ,poor cole I think he was just a prop,no need for him,however I would like to have had him be with his parents ,at least he wouldnt be dead.as I said before, I like to think that everyone from landview is living happily ever after.until somehow,someday,we can have one life to live back.


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