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2 GH Recap – Jan 23 – Jan 27th


Sonny reveals a major truth: Claudia was Johnny’s mother. Johnny flips out. To Tracy’s horror, Luke does not stand in the way of her marriage to Anthony, and before she knows it, Tracy and Anthony are husband and wife. Jason and Sam visit Dr. Lee, hoping for clarity on who is the child’s father. Elizabeth wonders what is going on with Jason and Sam at the hospital. Meanwhile, Michael confides in Sam about the purchased gun.  Patrick confronts Robin with the truth about her HIV status. Thankfully, she has promising news, giving the couple newfound hope.

Jax makes Kate a business proposition, making Kate furious. Maggie tries to draw Steve back in her web when they throw paper airplanes on the hospital roof to let off steam – and Olivia interrupts them. Carly realizes (too late) she was responsible for some unsettling news.  Robin convinces Jason he must go to the hospital today.  Meanwhile, Sam actively fights haunting thoughts of Franco.  Robin gets some comfort from Jason, and vice versa.  Matt arrives to discover Spinelli comfortable ensconced as Maxie’s roommate.  We find out the truth about Maxie’s fedora follower.  Olivia questions Lulu on her habit of drinking wine at lunch.  Sonny is surprised by Kate’s sudden work travel plans.  Luke delivers breakfast.

Johnny and Anthony rage out over the truth about Claudia. Johnny starts to choke his father — or his grandfather, as he now knows — while Anthony tries to make him understand. Jason and Sam get close as they both wait out for paternity test results. Later, Sam tries to take her mind off matters, but Alexis unconsciously adds fuel to her worries.

Michael challenges Dante and Delores to find the pig assaulting strippers. But later, Dante discovers Michael over the dead body of the #1 suspect. Molly gets upset when TJ makes fun of her Faceboard page. Ethan and Cassandra conspire for privacy, as Ewen looks on concerned. Later, they meet an unsettled Alexis. Ethan realizes he is dealing with a sharp shooter — literally. As Dante and Olivia give each other romantic advice/counsel, Lulu and Tracy have a heart to heart at the Metro Court Bar.

Sonny gets a visit from Anthony Zacchara, who is livid that Sonny told Johnny his family secret. Meanwhile, Johnny seems murderous as he tears up the Zacchara penthouse. Later, Anthony vows revenge on Sonny’s family, though step one might be to keep Johnny from taking revenge on him. Alexis gets hormonal over being a “grandmother,” and Sam finds little comfort.  Jason pulls Sam into his arms.  Jason and Michael take off just as Ronnie and Delores arrive.  Delores is doubtful about the stripper case.  Luke pays Tracy a visit at the Quartermaine Mansion, and Edward gets a word in.

Sonny brings Jason up to speed on new developments, just as Johnny makes a threatening pass at Kate.  Meanwhile, Carly can’t stay away from Johnny.  Sam and Spinelli try to get excited with baby planning, but soon Sam, Jason and Robin all get unsettling news.  Matt gets uncomfortable with Elizabeth’s potential future.  Sonny and Kate discuss rebuilding their favorite restaurant, Fortunato’s.  But later, Sonny nails Kate on her secretive travels.  Maxie calls Lulu out on her career search and alcoholic behavior.  Lulu confronts Luke at the Haunted Star.



  1. Bambi says:

    Micheal challenges the police to do their job’s. A child. This is exactly why people are tuning GH out.


  2. Beth says:

    Brandon Barash did such an amazing job this week. He’s always been a great actor and has a lot of potential to do even more great things but we haven’t been allowed to see that for a long time.

    Lulu…it’s about time someone called her out on her drinking. it’s about time she truly confronted Luke so she can get over whatever she has got going on inside of her and really start living her life.

    I love Jason. I always have and I always will but lately, I haven’t really been liking him all that much and it pains my heart to admit it. Hopefully, RC can make Jason JASON again. That would be nice.

    Also, I hate FakeKate. I want Jax back even if it’s only for a little while. I just loved his scenes with Michael and how they talked and he helped Michael see some things clearly. If he can only come back for a short, I hope he can help Michael stop being a BRWB (Broken Record Whiny Bitch) all the time and stop insisting that he wants to join the mob. It’s old and annoying and I just don’t care anymore. Michael should go to work for ELQ again or even start working for Jax’s company. Just have him step away from the mob life because I am sick of it!

    All the newbies…I just don’t care about them. They mean nothing to me except that they are taking precious air time away from characters I know and I like…even some I hate.

    I hate Sam. Never liked her. Never will. I have learned to tolerate her but that’s all. Nothing more.

    NuMaxie annoyed the hell out of me and I hated her but she has grown on me. No, she’s no Kirsten Storms. I love Kirsten Storms. But this actress has tried her best and I can give her credit for that. Plus, she’s less horrible than when she first started. Also, she stepped up when Kirsten had to postpone her return to GH and that says a lot about a person. So, I give the actress credit and I’m starting to like her.

    I hate Liz. I liked her briefly in the 2006/2007 area but never before and not after. She’s just…ugh to me.

    This was the first week in a VERY long time that I enjoyed GH and couldn’t wait to see the next episode. I forgot what that felt like. I had it with One Life To Live and it was AMAZING but I really missed that feeling when it came to GH.

    OK, I’ve rambled enough. That is all.


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