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2 GH Recap – July 18 – July 22nd

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Brenda announces she is leaving Sonny after what he did to Jax. Carly, Kristina and Ethan set out to find Morgan, Molly and Josslyn. Kristina finds the children and Jax threatens Carly that he’ll erase Carly from Josslyn’s life. Lulu struggles against Javier – but just when it looks like the worst will happen, Dante charges in and saves her from being raped. With no news of Luke, Lulu decides to set fire to the Bordello in Spencer fashion. Kristina remains ever so set to accompany Ethan to Vegas – he’s in deep.

Jason and Sam counsel a heartbroken Molly over the concept of love – bringing the couple closer together about their future.  Jason invites Sam for a rooftop dinner. Lucky and Liz come together for Aiden’s birthday – and Liz graciously invites Siobhan. As Brenda comforts Jax in jail, Carly questions Sonny’s methods wishing he had taken less extreme measures to win her Josslyn. Later, this quadrangle of lovers throws down outside the courthouse, and a verdict is leveled – in light of recent events Carly gains sole custody of Josslyn. Sonny remains determined not to lose Brenda, no matter how upset she is right now at him.  But she screams she will never come home with him.

With Maxie’s help, Jason picks out an engagement ring for Sam. As preparations are made, Sam confides in Alexis the possibility she is getting married.  But there is a snafu – Maxie accidentally drops the ring off the balcony! Jax levels awful insults Carly’s way as Sonny fights to hold onto the woman he loves. Jax makes plans to leave Port Charles, and Brenda catches Carly and Sonny in a situation. When Lucky steps away, Siobhan attacks Liz for putting on an act of kindness. Lucky tries to maintain a peaceful triangle, but drama looms between the three.

Unflappable, Jason moves forward with the rooftop proposal.  Sam makes a heartfelt decision.  Jax says goodbye to Michael, Morgan and Josslyn. Meanwhile, Brenda returns their rings to Sonny. Devastated and heartbroken, Sonny finds little comfort from Carly or Robin.  Brenda jets off on a plane with two surprising passengers. Lulu and Dante make their way home from Florida and find themselves in a cave on the Cassadine Island. Later, Dante crosses with Helena as Lulu eavesdrops. Meanwhile, Mac assigns Lucky a serious case with missing prescription drugs. Liz tries to help his investigation. Siobhan considers refilling the malpractice suit. Robin, Chief of Staff, becomes a nightmare to Patrick, Matt and Steve. Anthony Zacchara makes an appearance at ELQ with flowers for Abby. Later, Asher sows seeds of doubt in Michael and Abby to Tracy. Spinelli, as Jackal P.I., stakes out the bakery for serious and offers (bad) advice on what to do about Robin to Matt and Maxie.


  1. friday says:

    This show only caters to a certain audience. I’m done watching a soap that doesn’t give other races a chance to experience love, romance & danger.


  2. LadyMel says:

    Don’t know if you’ll get this as your recaps are out dated but I was having a conversation today with a fellow GH watcher and we were discussing Sonny’s character wondering where the hell the writers are going with this story line. It seems so foolish to have brought Brenda’s character back so weak and have her exit on a poor note. Fans have been waiting so long to see their wedding and marriage bet the odds. We feel robbed that the writers wrote such a foolish story line of their love. What was the point of her short cast? It would have been better to see Brenda’s character strong and determined to keep her marriage at all cost. Would have been cool to see her stick it to Carly and be the ultimate diva mob wife and Sonny make Jax look like a bigger jerk off/candy boy as Sonny calls him. Poor job writing GH grade F for foolish. I’m just saying…


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