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1 GH Recap – March 12 – March 16th


Sonny and Todd get into a competition about who’s more dangerous, but when Sonny tries to leave the courtroom, Todd draws a gun. Meanwhile, Carly and Blair realize they share a common bond: scary ex-husbands. They drink and swap stories. Michael struggles to tell Starr that his father may be responsible for her loss, and Starr reacts angrily. She ends up checking out of the hospital and they both head to the courthouse. Blair and Carly head there as well, and at the end of the episode, everyone converges as Todd threatens Sonny, and a gun is fired. Dante and Lulu are puzzled by Delores’s behavior. Later, Johnny tries to get Delores on his side, hoping she’ll get him info on Sonny — but she turns him down. Ewen visits an agitated Kate, and they discuss his dissociative personality disorder theory. Could she have shot out Anthony’s tires during her blackout? Kate insists on her theory that it was Johnny. Later, Ewen sees Johnny arrive to Kate — or is it Connie? Steve confesses to Olivia that he murdered a scumbag patient back in Memphis so that his organs could save Maggie’s deserving child patient. Olivia reels from this bombshell.

The gunshot that rang out at the end of yesterday’s episode was fired by none other than John McBain. He gets everybody’s attention and ultimately directs the local cops to place Todd under arrest. Starr isn’t remotely ready to let Sonny off the hook for killing her family, however, and we also discover that there is a dark past between McBain and Sonny.  Despite Matt’s concern and Ewen’s counsel, Maxie remains guilt-ridden over Robin. Elizabeth shows up with some kind words that Robin told her over the years about Maxie, but Maxie flees in tears. Johnny gets deeper into Kate/Connie’s crazy, privy to both ladies in one sitting. Anthony tries to convince Johnny to take up Connie’s sex offer. But when Johnny begins to get hot and heavy with Connie, Kate emerges and chases him away in a panic.  Olivia stumbles onto a way to make Johnny take the squeeze off Steve after overhearing Tracy and Anthony discuss the car accident.

All of Robin’s family and friends prepare to their goodbyes at her memorial service. Jason is determined to see Robin after Spinelli slips up that something is wrong. Spinelli and Sam argue about Sam telling Jason that Robin has died – Spinelli thinks Jason deserves to know the truth, but Sam knows he’ll try to attend the funeral and that could compromise his health (and she doesn’t want to lose Jason). Later, Sam finds Jason putting his clothes on, ready to go see Robin. Despite Mac and Lulu’s best efforts, Maxie refuses to attend Robin’s funeral, still driven by her guilt. Edward briefly collapses, leading Monica to prevent him from going to Robin’s funeral. Edward, Tracy and Monica mourn Robin in their own way. Anna and Luke reunite, and he supports her as she prepares for the funeral. Patrick is haunted by visions of Robin as he prepares for her funeral. Liz and Matt do their best to support him. Liz tells Matt it’s nearly been one year since the death of her son, Jake, and she’s naturally thinking about him.

Robin’s funeral begins, and Mac, Elizabeth and Sonny all pay tribute to her. Determined to keep Jason in the dark about Robin and her funeral, Sam gets Alexis and Molly in on the ruse. Monica questions Sam whether that is a good idea, but Sam won’t budge – she thinks learning the truth could compromise Jason’s help. Carly has other ideas, and manages to sneak into Jason’s room by disguising herself.  Spinelli attempts to convince Maxie to come to Robin’s funeral, but Maxie – motivated by her guilt – refuses and won’t listen to Spinelli. We see that Maxie is really not in good shape, emotionally speaking.

Maxie melts down at Robin’s funeral in more than one way.  Sam searches for Carly, inadvertently catching full sight of Ewen. Sonny questions Kate on her involvement with Ewen.  Sonny takes a business call with a “surprising” visitor.  Carly tells Jason, Robin is dead.



  1. tricia says:

    It’s been quite the week in Port Charles. I’m actually not sure what day it is there! Is it the day after the Metro Court party or 2 days after? How many days since Jasonr’s surgery? I’m confused!! No matter, stellar performances by all this week. Anna, Patrick, Carly, The Q’s Sonny & Kate especially Connie( and I love Kelly Sullivan) Johnny, Maxie and OMG Luke being a rock for Anna – who’d have thought? Great stuff!!!


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