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0 GH Recap – March 22 – March 26th


Ethan violates the restraining order against him and goes to the lake house where he implores Kristina to tell the truth that he didn’t beat her.  Lucky arrests Ethan after Sam calls the cops on him.  Jason and Carly discuss the fact that Kristina might not be telling the truth.  Carly drops in on Kristina, who seems on the verge of unburdening herself but the moment is broken when Alexis returns.  Diane finishes giving her opening statement at Sonny’s murder trial.  Dante and Lulu are set to finally make love for the first time when he’s summoned to the courthouse to give his testimony.  Maxie’s loved ones fear the worst as her health continues to deteriorate.

Alexis is infuriated to find Carly interrogating Kristina.  Carly tells Jason she’s convinced Kristina is lying about Ethan attacking her.  Luke believes Ethan is telling the truth when he claims he never hit Kristina and urges him to stay in town and exonerate himself.  Luke, however, becomes evasive when Ethan asks him about the violent incident in his past that Lucky had previously alluded to.  Jason shares his doubts about Ethan’s guilt with Lucky, who later goes to question Kristina.  Dante’s forced to implicate Michael as a possible witness to Claudia’s murder while being questioned by Claire.  Dante angrily confronts Claire for making him drag Michael’s name into Sonny’s trial.  Patrick arranges a romantic picnic in the park for Robin but Lisa happens upon the scene before Robin arrives.

Carly shares her suspicion that Kiefer beat Kristina with Jason.  Luke faces off with Sonny over Ethan, stating he believes in Ethan’s innocence.  Kristina pleads with Sonny not to take action against Ethan.  Sonny tells Jason he won’t retaliate against Ethan at this time for Kristina’s sake.  Ethan’s stunned when Lulu explains she thinks he’s guilty because he’s just like their father and reveals that Luke once raped Laura.  Carly accuses Jax of wanting to destroy Sonny at Michael’s expense.  Jax surprises Carly when he prevents Claire from learning Michael’s whereabouts.  Robin and Patrick argue about Sonny but soon make up. Luke infuriates Sonny when he implies Kristina might be lying about Ethan beating her.  Sam tells Alexis they should honor Kristina’s wishes not to pursue prosecuting Ethan and points out exactly what Kristina would have to endure if the case went to court.  Kiefer becomes angry when he learns Kristina doesn’t want to press charges against Ethan.  Carly goes to the island to visit Michael, who’s certain Kiefer was the person who beat Kristina after learning of the attack.  Claire wonders how Johnny will perform on the witness stand. Sonny goes ballistic upon learning that Kristina isn’t pressing charges against Ethan and he’ll walk away a free man.  Claire witnesses Sonny’s tirade against Ethan in which he states in no uncertain terms that he wants Ethan dead.  Luke pays Kristina a visit.  Jason meets Conan, a new employee at the restaurant who’s the son of one of Sonny’s allies.  Johnny warns Claire that Dante will end up protecting Sonny.  Maxie has a vision of Georgie.

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