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0 GH Recap – May 3 – May 7th


Lucky asserts to Jason that he’s acting in Michael’s best interests by turning him over to the authorities.  Jason alerts Diane as to what’s going on but she’s denied access to Michael at the police station.  Carly rips into Lulu, accusing her of betraying her own family because she’s blinded by her feelings for Dante.  Morgan faces Dante, who promises he did what’s best for Michael and would never do anything to hurt him.  Olivia seeks assurances from Sonny that neither he nor Jason will go after Dante.  Dante remains confident Michael will never serve any prison time and will get the help he needs.  Michael, in handcuffs, is lead into the courtroom to be questioned by the judge as everyone anxiously watches. Michael delivers compelling testimony in the courtroom as his anguished loved ones look on.  Judge Carroll reprimands Michael to jail, saying he’ll announce his sentence at the end of the week.  Luke cautions Lulu that she’s headed down a rough road for standing by Dante.  Johnny is determined to get revenge against Sonny.  Spinelli tries to point out to Jason that no good would come from him killing Dante.  Carly shares an emotional visit with a jailed Michael.  Sonny arrives outside Michael’s jail cell.

Jason and Jax are both consumed with guilt over the situation with Michael.  Robin tries to remind Jason that he’s always done right by Michael and shouldn’t beat himself up.  Meanwhile, Skye shares some sound advice with Jax.  Michael vows to stand tough to prove to Sonny he can take whatever may come.  Dante and Lulu are glad they have each other and make love for the first time.  Patrick’s slightly disconcerted by Robin’s fond memories of Jason and Stone. Dante and Lulu are blissfully happy to wake up in each other’s arms after a night of lovemaking but she’s soon called away to the office where she faces off with Maxie.  Dante maintains to Sonny that he did what was best for Michael.  Helena works to turn Nikolas further against Lucky.  Nikolas bristles when Lucky insists he send Helena away for Elizabeth’s sake.  Kate finds some long overdue closure with Sonny.  Alexis and Kristina have a nasty run in with Kiefer’s mother.

In the courtroom, both Dante and Sonny make impassioned pleas on Michael’s behalf.  Judge Carroll seals Michael’s fate when he delivers his ruling.  Elizabeth’s privately optimistic that she and Lucky might be able to have a future together after all.  Helena fuels Nikolas’ paranoia by suggesting Elizabeth will try and cut him out of her baby’s life.  Tracy suspects Helena is up to something.

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