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0 GH Recap – May 30 – June 3rd

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Jason and Anthony face off as Johnny offers Michael a job in the Zacchara business. Jason warns Michael he is being played by the Zaccharas. Johnny arrives home to see Anthony killing the hit woman – all according to his grand plan. Michael and Abby find comfort in one another. Sonny and Brenda fight over how they handled parenting Kristina. After making grand plans to revamp the Haunted Star for Luke’s return from rehab, Lulu is leveled when she discovers her father left the day he checked in. Liz appeals to Robin, asking her to cover for her emotional breakdown at the hospital. Sonny and Brenda continue to lock horns. Their tension escalates, but they make concessions and they plan a fun outing for the family. Kristina asks Dante to convince Sonny she can date Ethan. Jason pleads Michael to cut off contact with the Zaccharas. But Michael insists he will consider Johnny’s job offer. Abby calls Michael out on his behavior, and they break up. Meanwhile, we see Anthony plotting– and he unleashes a ghoulish plan to mess with Sonny, Brenda and her son. Jason and Liz encounter one another, both still grief-stricken. Jason realizes his dilemma with Michael mirrors his experience with Jake. Lulu makes plans to track down her dad. Sam is uneasy as Alexis, Kristina and Molly descend upon the penthouse to discuss the baby topic. Later, Jason confides in Sam his concern that he is a poor role model for children. Brenda and Alec walk into Sonny’s office, only to discover the dead body of the hit woman. Maxie sees through Lulu’s near-manic drive to redo the Haunted Star, reminding her that it won’t bring Luke back to Port Charles. Later, Tracy plans to sell the Haunted Star, in hopes it will keep Lulu from enabling Luke. Carly witnesses Shawn in an uncharacteristic outburst with Patrick. Later, Jax arrives with incriminating evidence of Shawn’s dark past, and threatens to use it against Carly to prove her unfit for joint custody of Josslyn. Jax asks Robin then Olivia to help testify against Carly, but they refuse. Maxie confides in Matt her concern about Lulu’s codependency.

Sonny tries to reassure Brenda he will do everything in his power to keep her and Alec safe. Jason arrives as Brenda urges Sonny to quit the mob and let Jason take over. Dante and Jason strategize over Anthony’s bold threat and the potential effect on Michael and his future. Kristina asks Michael to help convince Sonny she can date Ethan. Later, they both support Sonny as a father when Brenda questions them about growing up in the mob. Lulu convinces Nik to invest in the Haunted Star, allowing her to revamp it for Luke’s return. Meanwhile, Tracy and Dante share their growing concerns about Lulu’s codependency. Jax shows Carly proof that Shawn was involved in a “friendly fire” incident that killed one of Shawn’s own men. Carly has no choice but to fire Shawn regretfully. Shawn confronts Jax – and slugs him.


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