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0 GH Recap – Nov 15 – Nov 19th

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Brenda tells Dante that she still hurts over their secret after all these years. Dante confides in Michael and then tries to escape his past with Lulu. When Jason questions her for clues, Siobhan remembers a phone call to “Jack” while she was held captive by the Balkan’s men. Carly is poised to tell that Brenda and Dante slept together. Dante and Sonny have flashbacks about Brenda. Maya and Ethan make love just as Luke and Tracy arrive with a Vegas annulment lawyer. Lulu and Siobhan exchange honest words at Jake’s, with Siobhan reiterating her independence from Lucky.

Carly and Brenda clash. Jason and Sam have a heart-to-heart that brings them into each other’s arms. Patrick confronts Lisa and asks her to show mercy toward Robin.  Lisa bargains – she’ll drop approaching the board if Patrick agrees to sleep with her. Matt gets Robin to consider taking proactive positive steps in winning Maxie’s admiration. Johnny assures Olivia that nothing indecent went on with Carly but gets frustrated when Olivia does not believe him. Ethan and Maya are surprised, Tracy’s flat-out shocked and Luke is chagrinned – when they all learn Nevada’s rule of annulment.  Ethan is carnally motivated to put off ending his marriage to Maya. Siobhan calls out Lucky on needing protection just as much as he thinks he needs to protect her. Spinelli searches for a lead on “Jack” under Jason’s direction. Dante admits to Sonny that he knew Brenda in 2007. A torn Claire remains in love with Sonny.  Sonny finds out that before the car bomb case, Claire submitted a release that allows Sonny to see Michael. Michael tries to convince Carly to forgive Dante.  Michael warns Jason of his mother’s behavior, and Jason advises him to keep moving forward with his life. Edward makes Ethan and Maya an offer they can’t refuse: stay married for 1 year, and he’ll give them $1 million. Lucky calls Siobhan out on wanting to flee their oddly comfortable relationship. Liz meets Siobhan for the first time and is skeptical.

Jason warns Carly to back off Brenda and give up whatever foolish plot she’s put in motion. Carly tells Jason about Brenda and Dante. Brenda and Sonny share a flashback. Lisa will not withdraw her petition to have Robin removed from GH.  Robin vows to fight back, insisting she argue her case to the board from her hospital bed. Claire tells Sonny to follow his heart and go after Brenda. Luke is forced to accept Tracy’s draconian terms for a Christmas wedding as Ethan and Maya accept Edward’s challenge. Liz grills Siobhan, but Lucky interrupts and sets some boundaries.  Brenda and Sonny admit separately that the other is the love of their life. Brenda goes to visit Sonny’s old apartment over Luke’s club, drawn by her memories – only to find Sonny there for the same reason. Jason confronts Dante while Suzanne reflects on the past and concludes there is something between Brenda and Dante. Lisa uses a hypodermic needle to inject drugs into Robin’s I.V when Maxie catches her in the act.  Lisa runs out, handing off the syringe to Johnny, who conceals it for her. Luke becomes suspicious when he overhears Carly advising Lulu to invest in Dante with all the love she has.

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