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0 GH Recap – Nov 16-20th



Jason receives a disturbing delivery.  Anthony plans his next move.  Johnny tells Maxie not to say anything to anyone about having seen Sonny wearing a blood-stained shirt on the night Claudia disappeared.  Luke stuns Elizabeth when he reveals he knows about her affair with Nikolas.     Jason enlists Spinelli’s help in tracking down the person who sent him the photograph of Claudia’s dead body.  Jason’s mystery stalker plans an exhibition at an art gallery in Port Charles at which Sam and Spinelii are hired to oversee the security detail.  Lulu can’t go through with telling Sonny the truth about Dominic but remains conflicted over her dilemma.  Elizabeth pleads with Luke not to tell Lucky about her affair with Nikolas. Dominic shows Olivia the photo of Claudia’s dead body and warns her he suspects Johnny could have been the person who sent it to Jason which would mean Johnny’s going off the deep end in the wake of his sister’s murder.  Johnny is stunned to discover the photograph when he’s at Olivia’s.  Anthony and Joey Limbo go over their plan to ambush and kill both Sonny and Jason.  Nikolas confesses to Rebecca that he’s been using her, admitting he’s in love with someone else.  Elizabeth tries to get past the guilt she feels as she starts to connect with Lucky again.  Patrick’s a bit uneasy when his ex-girlfriend Lisa strikes up a friendship with Robin. Johnny becomes angry when he realizes Olivia suspects he might have sent Jason the photo of a dead Claudia.  Johnny learns Dominic’s secret when he overhears him and Lulu talking.  Olivia’s blood goes cold when Johnny confronts her with the truth about Dominic.  Sonny and Jason prepare for their meeting with Joey Limbo. Nikolas and Elizabeth act on their passion for one another.   Sonny and Jason walk into an ambush, which is witnessed by Jason’s mystery stalker.  Jason catches a glimpse of his stalker but mistakes him for a homeless vagrant.  Lucky notices something strange while examining the scene of the shootout.  Maxie nervously anticipates the gallery opening Kate’s put her in charge of overseeing.  Jason’s stalker makes preparations to attend the gallery opening featuring his photographs.

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