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0 GH Recap – Nov 21 – Nov 25th


Sam uses Michael’s concern for Abby and her stripper friends as a distraction from Franco.  Later, Monica invites Sam and Jason to a Quartermaine Thanksgiving.  Jason warns Carly to be careful – Franco is still on the loose, and Josslyn may be in danger. Carly is annoyed that Shawn’s attention has less to do with her.  Franco has another gift planned. Kate realizes Sonny is taking a trip to get an official Brenda divorce, but Sonny opts for a different destination.

Maxie and Matt try on outfits for the “Woman Behind the Man” article – only to tumble into one another’s arms. Dante questions Kate over her involvement at the warehouse where he was shot, but Sonny stops Dante from interrogating Kate further.  Delores pays the Zaccharas a visit – and we see chemistry fly between Delores and Johnny.  Lucky rushes off the elevator to see Aiden, and Luke slips out to Tracy’s disappointment.  Lucky watches Luke at the Haunted Star – is he drinking?  Anthony makes a pass at Tracy again.  Hostess Olivia sets aside Thanksgiving cooking to comfort a distraught Lulu.  Dante and Lulu reaffirm their love for one another.

­Jason and Sam try to pick up the pieces but get increasingly volatile.  At the Quartermaine Thanksgiving, Jason loses it completely.  Shawn makes Carly a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal.  Franco has a present for Josslyn.  Sonny discovers Kate’s hotel bed empty.  Tracy searches for Luke, hoping he’ll join the Quartermaine Thanksgiving.  But she gets a visit from exactly the wrong suitor.  Dante and Lulu prepare a private Thanksgiving dinner.  Last minute, Dante decides to run out for Olivia’s dessert – only to run into a burglar.



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