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0 GH Recap – Nov 22 – Nov 26th

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Brenda and Sonny submit to fate and wind up in a passionate kiss. Dante discusses his love life with Michael. With no physical evidence, Lisa only gets probation, while Matt and Patrick suspect Maxie purposely framed Lisa. Lisa feels squeezed by Johnny, who continues to hold the syringe over her. Luke tries to back Carly off from hurting Lulu.

Sonny wants Brenda to give them another chance, but her guilt and fear over her past holds her back.  Finally, Brenda reveals most of her secret to him. Brenda agrees to go out on a date with Sonny, giving the star-crossed lovers another chance. Robin and Jason discuss Sonny and Brenda, hoping for a happily ever after. Jason comes home to find himself and Sam set-up on a romantic evening, courtesy of Molly and Spinelli. Dante and Lulu share a romantic evening. Lisa tries to work Johnny, but Johnny has the upper hand. Maxie fights Matt for casting doubt on her story. Patrick and Robin grow closer. Claire summons Alexis and Diane to meet with her.  She has a new strategy – join their firm as a defense lawyer.

Matt talks logic to Robin and Patrick, bringing the estranged couple together. Robin, Maxie, Sam and Molly conspire to set Mac and Alexis up during their joint Thanksgiving dinner at the lake house. Robin, Patrick and Emma bond at the hospital together. Edward is cursing the arrival of the Spencers at the Quartermaine mansion for Thanksgiving.  But he turns on a dime when he meets Siobhan and Michael, who Dante brought over.  They eat pizza and sing together, and Tracy is moved by her engagement ring.

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