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0 GH Recap – Oct 17 – Oct 21st


Devoid of emotion, Lisa moves on from Anthony to Johnny.  Maxie and Spinelli seizes an opportunity to reunite with his non-wife.  Maxie gets a surprise grab on the docks.  Steve announces he has filled the open pediatrics position to Robin’s chagrin.  Jason and Sam face off with Carly, Shawn and Josslyn in their honeymoon shack.  Is Franco in Hawaii, too, or is Carly just crashing Jason and Sam’s honeymoon?  Ethan gives Liz stinging perspective on why Lucky has left town.  He also reveals his curious experience at Wyndemere.  Dressed to the nines, Abby visits Michael. Maxie fishes out a mobster.

Meanwhile, Lisa buys herself time with Johnny.  Later, Spinelli rushes to the docks with a charming picnic for Maxie.  Luke and Ethan discuss the past when Luke sees Laura’s Wyndemere portrait.  Meanwhile, Lulu is overwhelmed with emotion and reaches for Kate’s brandy.

Liz, Robin and Patrick discuss life.  Maxie goes into a jealous frenzy when Spinelli reveals Matt’s growing closeness with Liz.  Spinelli sees a light at Wyndemere.  As Shawn stands guard outside, Carly and Jason exchange words and later, they discover Sam peacefully asleep with Josslyn in her arms.  Meanwhile, Franco sets out with a baby of his own to play with.

Patrick and Robin and Steve and Olivia get romantic.  Lulu’s concern heightens when Sonny gives her some advice about marrying Dante.  Meanwhile, Delores questions Dante.  Kate trounces into Jake’s and lays one on Coleman when Sonny arrives. Olivia realizes she may be competing with someone in Steve’s memory, and Johnny struggles to walk.  Spinelli and Maxie investigate the curious light at Wyndemere.  Sonny won’t take Kate’s attitude, and Coleman tries to make himself scarce.


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