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0 OLTL Recap – Dec 14-18th

OLTL 1214


Todd offers to trade himself for Blair when Ross threatens to shoot her if everyone doesn’t back off and let him escape with Danielle.  Blair manages to free herself from Ross as Todd lunges for the gun.  Ross drags Danielle to the side of the bridge thinking they can jump. Todd’s last ditch effort to rescue Danielle results in tragedy.  John continues to manipulate the evidence to support his claim that Mitch stabbed himself.  Charlie’s forced to admit to Jessica that he fell off the wagon.  Jessica reluctantly agrees not to tell Viki.  Rex tells Gigi they need to spend some time apart until she sorts out her feelings for Schuyler.  Rachel questions Schuyler’s decision to keep the truth about Stacy from Rex and Gigi.  Nevil, posing as Nigel, tells Clint that Nora is cheating on him with Bo.

Danielle lashes out at both Tea and Todd as she blames Todd for Ross’ death.  Matthew comes to the rescue when he invites Danielle to stay at Asa’s mansion.  Todd realizes it isn’t the right time to tell Danielle he’s her father.  Viki offers to let Gigi stay at her cabin until she and Rex work things out.  Stacy’s privately thrilled when she finds Gigi moving out of the carriage house.  Kim has Clint right where she wants him.  Clint plans on getting even with Nora. Viki finds an empty liquor bottle in the bushes outside Llanfair. John gets Mitch’s fingerprints on the letter opener he claims Mitch stabbed himself with.  Mitch wakes up and tells John he remembers Natalie stabbing him. Viki confronts Charlie with the empty liquor bottle she found.  Jessica overhears Charlie blatantly lie to Viki when he claims he hasn’t been drinking.  Jessica realizes Brody believes Natalie stabbed Mitch.  Everyone at Dorian’s are surprised to learn that Amelia and Delphina were involved but went through a bitter break up.  Kyle offers to let Nick stay with him when he’s released from the hospital after Nick lies and claims he has no one to take care of him while he recovers. A grieving Danielle rips into Tea with both barrels and then turns her fury on Todd.  Tea breaks down as she looks through the memorabilia she’s kept from Danielle’s childhood.  Nora gets an eyeful when she walks into her and Clint’s bedroom.  Dorian gives Amelia her blessing to be with Delphina.  Delphina senses that there’s danger ahead for Dorian.  Dorian confronts Mitch.  The pieces fall into place for Nora, who realizes Clint already knows about her and Bo.  Clint rips her to shreds as he accuses her of cheating on him with Bo.  Nigel warns Kim that he’s onto her scheme but she remains undaunted.  Starr questions Todd after finding the photo of Danielle.  Todd tells Starr what happened on the bridge in Seattle but leaves out the fact that Danielle is his daughter.  Mitch threatens to harm Dorian’s beloved girls.  

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