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0 OLTL Recap – Dec 21-25th



Clint unleashes his pain and anger on Bo and Nora but stops short of firing off a shot.  Clint makes it clear to Bo that he no longer has a brother.  Kim calls Clint feigning concern as she offers to help him through his difficult time.  Mitch gives Dorian his demands, threatening to harm one of her girls unless she fires Bo as Police Commissioner and replaces him with someone else he has in mind.  Stacy shares a secret about Rex’s parentage with Kim and plans on using it to her advantage when the time is right.  Stacy pays Mitch a visit.  Noelle offers Gigi a shoulder to lean on as she helps her get settled in at Viki’s cabin.  Schuyler shows up at the cabin to see Gigi, who admits to having conflicting feelings for him.  Roxy kicks Schuyler out of the hotel in order to free up a room for Nick but Nick withholds this information from Kyle so that he can keep on staying with him in the hopes of breaking up him and Fish.

Mitch tells Stacy he can guarantee she’ll end up with Rex but his promise comes with a high price attached.  Natalie confesses to Rex that she’s the one who stabbed Mitch.  Wanting to have a lasting connection to Jared, Natalie hopes there’s a chance she could be pregnant but that dream soon vanishes.  At Natalie’s urging, Rex goes to the cabin to bring Gigi home and is heartbroken to spy her having fun with Schuyler.  Clint decides to take Kim up on her offer to hang out with her at the loft.  Clint lets Kim know he has her all figured out but still wants her to keep on working for him.  Bo and Nora feel horrible for having hurt Clint the way they did but realize they can’t help being in love with each other.  Nigel and Renee wish they could keep Clint out of Stacy’s clutches. Even from his hospital bed, Mitch manages to be a menace to Dorian.  Fearing for her family’s safety, Dorian gives in to Mitch’s demands.  Tea convinces Todd that this isn’t the right time to tell Danielle the truth that he’s her father.  Danielle turns her back on Todd and Tea.  Todd invites Tea to spend Christmas Eve with him and the boys.  Bo and Nora get their Christmas miracle when Matthew takes his first steps since the accident.  Rachel and Greg make love for the first time.  Viki’s concerned for Clint after learning what happened with Bo and Nora.  Brody stops a drunken Charlie from trying to force his way into Mitch’s room.  Ashamed, Charlie tells Brody he doesn’t want Viki to see him this way.

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