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0 OLTL Recap- Dec 28- Jan 1st



Bo and Nora sense that John and Natalie are holding something back but agree to close the case on Mitch’s stabbing.  Mitch pressures Dorian to fire Bo as Police Commissioner, threatening to kill one of her girls if she doesn’t comply.  While talking with Rachel, Schuyler struggles with the guilt he feels over not being honest with Gigi but isn’t willing to risk losing his chance with her by revealing the truth about Stacy’s baby.  Gigi admits to Noelle that she thinks she wants to be with Schuyler and later invites him to spend New Year’s Eve with her.  Mitch darkens when Stacy rejects his offer.  Rex tells Mitch in no uncertain terms to stay away from his family.  Rex confronts Stacy after learning she paid a visit to Mitch.  Kim’s thrilled when Clint asks her to be his date at the Mayor’s Ball.  Knowing what Dorian’s planning to do, Clint anticipates Bo’s fall from grace.

Blair reluctantly urges Todd to forgive Tea after he admits he still loves her.  Blaming Todd for Ross’ death, Danielle swipes Bo’s gun with revenge on her mind.  Nora suggests to Tea that Danielle hasn’t forgiven her because Tea is still associating with Todd.  Bo and Nora are thrown to the wolves in the middle of the Mayor’s Ball when their affair comes to light.  Dorian acts on Mitch’s orders and protects her family by publicly firing Bo.  Gigi sets the stage for seduction as she gets ready for Schuyler to arrive but realizes that’s just not her style.  Gigi asks Schuyler to spend the night.  Kyle and Fish argue when Fish accuses Nick of purposely trying to come between them.  Nick kisses Kyle.  Destiny tells Matthew how she feels about him.  Langston can’t stop thinking about Ford. Danielle threatens to shoot Todd but he and Blair manage to talk her down.  Desperately wanting to reconcile with her daughter, Tea vows to Danielle that she’ll break all ties with Todd.  Gigi and Schuyler act on their feelings for one another.  Bo and Nora are stunned by the turn of events.  Matthew tries to let Destiny down easy after she tells him she loves him.  After a talk with Shaun, Destiny decides she’d rather have Matthew as a friend rather than not have him in her life at all.  Kyle sees the light about Nick and races to find Fish.  Kyle and Fish passionately ring in the New Year together.  Markko’s peeved to learn Ford has moved back to Llanview and will be teaching his film class.

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