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0 OLTL Recap- Dec 7-11th



Blair pulls into the parking garage just in time to encounter Danielle and a gun toting Ross.  Todd and Tea are helpless to do anything as Ross takes Blair hostage and speeds off with her and Danielle.  Marty jumps into action when a bloodied and beaten Nick comes into the ER.  Marty contacts John when Nick tells her he was attacked because he’s gay.  Things are heating up between Kyle and Fish when they get the news of Nick’s beating.  Kyle looks after Nick in the hospital.  Fish witnesses a tender moment between Kyle and Nick.  Cristian and Layla make love for the first time.

An on the edge Natalie sees red. John threatens to kill Mitch if he even goes near anyone John cares about.  Natalie brandishes her own form of justice when she encounters Mitch in John’s office.  Kim overhears Nevil confiding in his cousin Nigel that Bo and Nora are having an affair. With Marty and Kyle by his side, Nick points out his attackers from the mug shots Fish shows.

John seizes control of the situation after Natalie takes the law into her own hands.  Thinking Shane or Bree might need Mitch’s blood should they one day face a medical crisis; Rex and Jessica follow Mitch as he’s taken to the hospital.  Stacy warns Schuyler to stick to their agreement.  Charlie is in a bad way as he blames himself for Jared’s death and continues to drink. Stacy steals a vial of Mitch’s blood.       Ross, Blair and Danielle are cornered on a bridge before they can cross the Canadian border. Schuyler confides in Rachel that he’s the father of Stacy’s baby.  Rachel’s stunned when Schuyler admits he has no intention of revealing the truth to Rex or Gigi. Kim and Stacy set out to transform Nevil into Nigel so that he can drop the bomb about Bo and Nora on Clint. 

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