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0 OLTL Recap – Nov 15 – Nov 19th

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Echo admits before Rex and the rest of the party guests that she is Rex’s biological mother. Rex demands to know who his father is. Echo, Charlie and Clint decide to have their DNA tested. James tries to comfort Starr in her hour of need. A drunken Kelly makes a fool of herself as she leaves a series of increasingly embarrassing and revealing messages for Joey. Ford returns home to find that Eddie has procured the services of a hooker. Langston owns up to Blair about her renewed relationship with Ford. Marty confirms her hypothesis that the reason Natalie needs a paternity test is because she suspects Brody might be the father and goes to see Jessica with the news. Dorian accuses Clint of being Rex’s father and tries to break into his secret drawer to procure the proof she needs. Bo warns Eddie that if he stays in Llanview he will make his life miserable. Nora and Inez argue about Bo. Kelly’s mortified by her drunk-dials to Joey. At the DNA clinic, Charlie and Echo share a warm moment about Rex. Rex decides he doesn’t want a DNA test done.

Marty toys with the idea of showing Jessica Brody’s psychiatric records. Natalie finds out from Vivian that Marty stole her amnio records. Marty calls the DNA lab pretending to be Natalie. Rex, Charlie, Echo and Clint take the DNA test. Bo walks in on a fight between Inez and Nora. Inez accepts a necklace from Clint. Dorian sets off an alarm while breaking into Clint’s desk and Matthew catches her. Todd secretly goes to see Greg get sentenced. Greg is sentenced and Destiny learns the truth about the death of her mother and Greg’s culpability. Tea gets a visit from Destiny who wants to divorce her parents. Brody ascertains that Marty knows about his possible paternity of Natalie’s child and threatens to get her fired if she breathes a word of it. John delivers a mysterious box to Blair found among Eli’s personal effects. Dorian and Viki figure out that Clint forged the Rick/Lili letters and sent Rex on the wild goose chase. Clint secures a key card for the genetics lab where the DNA tests to determine Rex’s paternity are being done.  Rex and Gigi kiss and make up.  Kelly arrives in London to tell Joey in person how she feels about him and encounters Kevin instead.

Rex and Gigi finally make love again. Blair puts the moves on Ford during his date with Langston. Viki confronts Clint with Dorian’s accusation that his possession of the necklace indicates he’s Rex’s father. Echo nearly confesses to Charlie that Rex is Clint’s son. Viki gives Echo the other half of the heart necklace. Brody tells Natalie that he thinks he got Marty off their backs. Clint meets with a BE employee and tasks him with two objectives. Ford visits Langston, who tells him their future does not include sex. Marty receives a visit from Todd, who wants her to sign a document relinquishing her rights to Hope. Viki, Charlie, Clint and Echo join Rex to find out who his father is. Jessica and Brody open the results of their baby’s DNA test.  Natalie opens the results of her baby’s DNA test.

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