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0 OLTL Recap – Nov 16-20th



Charlie faces the impossible task of saying his final goodbye to his son and blames himself and his drinking for Jared’s death.  Natalie voices her love for Jared and then watches as his body taken away.  Mitch taunts John and is confident he’ll never pay for shooting Jared.  Viki rushes in just as Charlie begins to strangle the life out of Mitch.  Greg arrives just as Dr. Nance is telling Bo and Nora that Matthew’s surgery wasn’t successful.  Greg takes over the procedure and later gives Bo and Nora the good news he’s optimistic that Matthew will eventually walk again.  .  Rex confronts Roxy wanting to know if Mitch is really his father.  Markko’s dread rises when he learns Dorian lost the election by only one vote.  Markko admits to Langston he voted for Viki.  Rachel encourages Tea to tell Todd the truth about Danielle. Viki, Charlie, Clint and Natalie return to Llanview. John awakes to knocking at his door and faces an angry Natalie.  Blair’s surprised that Todd hasn’t raced off to Seattle to find Tea. Blair admits she has feelings for Todd and they’re soon kissing madly.  Blair pulls back from lovemaking when she realizes Todd’s heart and mind are with Tea, not her.  Blair tells Todd to go to Seattle and settle things with Tea once and for all.

Tea’s shocked to find Ross waiting for her in her hotel room.  Rachel panics when she encounters Todd at the Seattle hospital.  Danielle comes face to face with Todd when she emerges from Matthew’s room.  Ross becomes increasingly threatening as he demands Tea tell him where Danielle is.  Backed into a corner, Tea confesses the truth and tells a disbelieving Ross that he isn’t Danielle’s father. Natalie’s grief pours out in a flood of rage as she blames John for Jared’s death.  Natalie regrets the choices she made while Jared was alive and realizes her actions contributed to his death as well.    Todd’s mind races when he learns Danielle is Tea’s daughter.  An enraged Ross begins to throttle the life out of Tea. Stacy tries to blackmail Roxy, saying she’ll tell Rex who his father is if Roxy doesn’t tell him about Gigi spending the night with Schuyler but Roxy calls her bluff.  Natalie tells Rex that Mitch murdered Jared.  Roxy walks in just in time to hear that Mitch is alive.  Schuyler catches Kim helping Stacy adjust her pregnancy padding that makes her look farther along than she really is.  Mitch receives a mysterious visitor.        

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