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0 OLTL Recap – Nov 22 – Nov 26th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Brody and Jessica open their paternity results. Rex opens his DNA results and finds out he is definitely Echo’s son. Clint has the paternity test altered to reveal Rex is Charlie’s son and not his. Marty gets a hold of Natalie’s paternity test results. Todd presents Marty with a court order barring her from seeing Hope. Marty lets Todd know she’s learned how to fight back. Langston gets Ford to agree not to have sex for six months. Jessica calls Ford and tells him that the baby is Brody’s and not his.

Natalie tells Gigi that she’s lying about the paternity test results and it’s really Brody’s baby. Marty fantasizes about telling John the true paternity test results of Natalie’s baby. Clint seeks confirmation that Vimal did what he was supposed to do in the DNA lab. Matthew starts to catch onto Clint’s deception. Rex, Charlie and Echo have lunch together at Echo’s invitation. Bo and Nora hear about the fact that Rex found his parents. Roxy throws Echo out of the hotel for non-payment. Viki tells Dorian they were wrong about Clint – that Charlie is really Rex’s father, but Dorian doesn’t totally buy it. Charlie and Viki make peace over Echo as Echo shows up with nowhere to live. Bo admits to Nora he’s not happy about Clint’s influence on Matthew.

Dani tries to convince Destiny not to divorce her parents.  Dani and Nate overhear Todd threaten to make Nate disappear. Brody senses Natalie’s troubled and mistakes it for guilt about their one-nighter. Viki and Charlie argue over Echo. Echo insults Gigi, but bonds with Shane. Starr’s uncomfortable when Ford shows up with James in tow. Ford’s uncomfortable with Langston’s refusal to have sex for six months. Eddie crashes the Cramer Thanksgiving and ends up getting arrested by Bo. Clint sows seeds of doubt in Nora about Inez and Bo’s relationship. Nate and Matthew fight. Blair blows up at Cristian when he delivers Eli’s mysterious box to her. Kelly thinks Joey is on his way to see her in London, but he is actually on his way to Llanview. Viki is alone and upset when Joey shows up.  Clint tells Inez he wants her to sleep with Bo.


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