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0 OLTL Recap – Nov 23-27th

One Life to Live


Todd saves Tea from Ross’ attack and questions her about Danielle, who arrives just as Tea’s about to reveal the truth. After catching Stacy adjusting her fake pregnancy padding, Schuyler puts the pieces together and realizes she’s pregnant with someone other than Rex’s baby. Kim and Stacy work together to convince Schuyler that he did indeed have sex with Stacy and got her pregnant. Mitch instructs one of his minions to carry out the next phase of his plan and also dictates a chilling letter to be sent to Jessica.

After calling the police, Danielle turns the tables on Todd and Tea when she claims they’re trying to kidnap her. As they’re being taken to the police station for questioning, Tea confirms Todd’s suspicion that Danielle is his daughter. Schuyler makes a deal with Kim and Stacy. Viki faces a slew of reporters and announces she’s stepping down as Mayor elect. Langston urges Dorian to follow her heart and go to London to be with David. Dorian learns Viki stepped down as Mayor just as she’s about to leave for London, and is named the new Mayor. Kyle’s pleased when Fish refers to him as his boyfriend. The different Llanview families celebrate a sorrowful Thanksgiving. Clint arranges for everyone to fly to Seattle on the company jet. Everyone’s thrilled when Matthew experiences some feeling in his legs.

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