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0 OLTL Recap – Nov 9-13th

OLTL Recap Nov 9


Rex pales when he reads the name of his father on the birth certificate Corrine gives him, along with a monogrammed ring.  Jessica is horrified to discover Nash’s skeleton inside the greenhouse at the vineyard in Napa. Jessica, Natalie and Jared receive the shock of their lives when Mitch Laurence steps out of the shadows.  While on the plane to Napa, John begins to figure out what’s really been going on.  Schuyler won’t make love with a drunken Gigi.  Things start to heat up between Fish and Kyle but the mood’s broken but they decide to take things slow and make their “first” time special.      Jared’s forced to admit that he was being blackmailed by Wayne Landers to keep the secret that Charlie once killed his step-father from coming out but had no idea of who was ultimately behind it.  Mitch shoots Jared.  Jared dies. Matthew and Danielle make it to the hospital in Seattle and are greatly relieved when Dr. Nance agrees to perform Matthew’s surgery as soon as possible.  Bo and Nora arrive at the Seattle hospital too late to stop Matthew’s surgery.  Danielle continues to give Tea a hard time.  Michael and Marcie’s greatest dream comes true when she gives birth to a healthy baby boy, Gabriel.

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