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1 Y&R Recap – July 11 – July 15th

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A distraught Sharon is handcuffed as Piper demands to know why. Noah and Ashley are shocked to see breaking news with Sharon’s picture. Nick and Phyllis receive calls informing them that Sharon was arrested. Adam sees the news about Sharon and calls Leslie to hire her as Sharon’s defense At Jabot, Jack is visited by Victor, who insists he thought Ashley would be heading the company by now. Jack’s attention is drawn to his computer’s headlining announcement. Noah explains to Nick he cannot face Sharon. Phyllis arrives at the police station and beelines for Spencer to get information. An officer has her escorted out just as Sharon arrives, and the two women lock eyes. Phyllis interrogates Adam, insinuating that he must have known Sharon was in hiding. Michael advises Victor that he should avoid any involvement in Sharon’s case. Spencer interrogates Sharon. Nick lashes out at Sharon, but Adam supports her reasoning for what she did. As Adam is comforting her, Sam arrives, and Adam notices Sharon’s reaction. He angrily heads to the same bridge that Sharon’s ashes were scattered from, and in his fury, makes a life-changing move.

Victoria learns from Rafe that Billy’s custody hearing for Delia is today. Rafe expresses his concern about Billy being presentable in front of a judge. Victor assures Sharon that he will do whatever is necessary to help her. Sharon introduces Victor to Sam, and Victor is suspicious of him. Billy is passed out as his phone continuously rings. When Victoria arrives later, she is surprised to see him cleaned up and in a suit. Diane finds that Adam wants nothing to do with their plan to take down Victor. She calls Leslie and insists they turn over her evidence on Adam. Spencer hears Diane’s evidence and considers an offer. At the custody hearing Chloe explains her case and notes Billy’s reckless lifestyle. Just when it looks like Chloe has won, Victoria arrives to speak on Billy’s behalf. Sam politely explains to Victor that people take care of each other where he is from. Sharon uses her phone call to reach Adam, and Victor overhears. Adam arrives and pulls her into a powerful hug. Noah reveals to Sharon that Adam has proof of her innocence. Eden is pleased to know that Noah took her advice and went to see Sharon. Kevin arrives and Noah is surprised to hear that he had offered to sublet with Eden. Sharon begs Sam to forget he ever met her. Sam crosses with Victor on the way out and Victor decides to stop him from heading back to his ranch. Adam denies having proof of Sharon’s innocence.

Jack and Jill greet Lily and Daniel. Colin approaches and is delighted to see the babies. Lily swiftly turns the stroller but comes face to face with Genevieve. Lily reminds Colin that he will not get away with violating her restraining order. Devon and Malcolm are setting up a birthday party for Lily when Neil arrives. Sofia enters and tension flares. Malcolm demands to know when the paternity of Sofia’s baby will be revealed. When Lily arrives she can sense the tension between everyone. She learns the truth about Sofia and Neil. Victoria takes the stand and defends Billy. Angelo visits Kevin and explains he is back in town because a big spending gambler has caught his attention. He suggests that Kevin help him manage the revenue stream. Jill confronts Colin, noting that although Colin claims he can’t stand Genevieve, he always seems to be in the same place as her. Jack watches Genevieve exit and shortly after he is brought a note. He opens it and reads “Meet me for coffee at Crimson Lights.” Victoria arrives home and opens the door to Billy, who came by to say thank her. Jack arrives at Crimson Lights to meet with Genevieve. He is impressed when she reveals her business savvy, adding that she read all about the new Jabot product launch. Billy is attempting to drown his sorrows when a hooker arrives and attempts to lure him into sex. Billy resists, handing her some cash to catch a cab home. He is then arrested for solicitation. At the trailer, Victoria waits for Billy to come back.

Adam informs a devastated Noah that the memory card cannot be recovered. Adam receives a call from his mole in the GCPD with news that Diane leaked info of his involvement in the stock manipulation to the D.A. Diane opens the door to Victor, who reminds her that she and Jack are under investigation for stock manipulation. Billy is worried about getting to Delia’s custody hearing, and Rafe assures him he is working to get his bail. The bailiff begins the hearing as the judge asks where Billy and Rafe are. Rafe and Billy rush in, Billy looking disheveled. The bailiff hands the judge a note, and the judge asks Billy if he was charged for solicitation. Eden notices that Noah is not himself. Noah reveals that the evidence that would’ve cleared Sharon’s name is now hopeless. Eden moves off to order a soda when she hears Hunter greet Noah. Victoria arrives home after spending the night at Billy’s trailer alone. Victor arrives for their breakfast. They are informed Billy was arrested last night for soliciting a hooker. Victor meets with the hooker and hands her cash for helping him incriminate Billy. The judge does not want to hear Billy’s explanation regarding his solicitation charge and moves off to review the case before rendering his decision. Jill and Billy share a tender moment. The judge returns and announces that sole custody is awarded to Chloe. A heartbroken Victoria opens her door to a disheveled Billy and they embrace. Adam confronts Diane and reveals that he knows she spoke to the D.A. He informs Diane of his plan to land Victor in jail.

Billy informs Victoria he lost Delia. Victoria explains that she can’t stand by and watch him self destruct anymore. Kay questions Chloe’s choice to estrange Delia from Billy. At the Jabot launch Jack learns of Billy losing Delia. Abby is surprised by her friends George and Shiva, who have arrived for the Jabot launch. They are shocked to learn that Abby hadn’t planned on attending. When George informs Abby that she was featured on “Where Are They Now” she quickly changes her mind. Abby, George, and Shiva join Lauren and Michael while Jill speaks with reporters. Jack is thrilled to learn Shiva has tried the new products, adding that perhaps she can do a write-up on the new line. Ashley is worried when Tucker insists that he make an appearance at the Jabot launch. Tucker adds it would be great if Ashley would agree to run McCall. Billy visits Chloe and begs her to allow him to see Delia. The crowd has gathered at the launch awaiting the introduction by Lauren and Jack, who both realize they will have to start without Ashley. Jack and Lauren greet the crowd and Jack is about to pass the microphone to Katherine, when Tucker and Ashley appear.


  1. friday says:

    I can’t believe Y&R spent a whole week (18-22) on that stupid sharon and dumb diane story lines. Why in the bleep did you hire Genie Frances if you are just going to ignore her? I’m sick of sharon only because the writers make her look like a freakin idiot. I don’t want phyllis back with nick because she makes my skin crawl, victor needs a lesson from LuAnn D. from the housewives of NY in class and respect (LOL). Victoria really needs to do something with her hair, it’s a hot mess!!!! The just got out of bed look makes her look unclean and just plain stinky. Recast Eden, this girl blows and the other chick friend of Noah’s is a non factor so get rid of her too. Need more Jack, Michael & Lauren, Neil, Genevive & Colin , Lily, Jill, Cane and Daniel time.


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