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2 Y&R Recap – March 12 – March 16th


Sharon agrees to take Victor’s job offer, but has concerns about working closely with Nick. Meanwhile, Nick tries to convince Phyllis that he’s no longer connected to Sharon. Later, Victor informs Nick that he wants him to head up the new cosmetics line with Sharon. Daisy informs Daniel she wants to raise Lucy together as a family. Phyllis tries to see Lucy, but Daniel asks her to leave. Daisy approaches with a social worker, who demands that Phyllis hand Lucy over to her mother. The social worker advises Daisy to take out a restraining order against Phyllis. Jack and Paul meet to discuss their desire to get justice for Victor and Adam. Jack makes a phone call that launches their plan against Adam. Later, Spencer informs Adam that he’s wanted for questioning about Patty Williams. At the police station, Spencer informs Adam that he has signed statements from people who heard Adam admit his guilt. Paul and Jack reveal they’ve reported everything that Adam confessed. Later, Victor arrives and informs Adam that he’s there to help him.

Spencer releases Adam without being charged. Victor offers Michael’s legal services to Adam, but Adam refuses. Ashley informs Tucker about Jabot’s battle against Beauty of Nature for the Mitsukoshi cosmetics account. Later, Sofia informs Tucker that she has decided to return from maternity leave. Jill and Cane meet up with Ashley to discuss their strategy to beat out Beauty of Nature. Cane suggests that they attend the upcoming Mitsukoshi convention. Ashley agrees and decides to send Jill to Japan – tomorrow. Nikki expresses her frustrations with Victor to Katherine. Katherine suggests Nikki plan something for Victor’s birthday tomorrow. Genevieve reveals to Victoria her determination to defeat Jabot in the battle for the Mitsukoshi deal. Genevieve proposes asking Victor for advice. Victoria warns her that Victor can’t be trusted. Sharon presents Victor with a birthday gift of tickets to the Lyric Opera. When Nikki arrives, Nikki and Victor get in a fight over his actions.

Sharon starts her first day at Newman and overhears Tucker, Lauren, and some other board members complaining about Victor’s decision to hire her. Meanwhile, Chelsea informs Adam about the emergency board meeting. Genevieve informs Victor that she plans to pursue the Mitsukoshi contract for Beauty of Nature. She offers to have Davis Holloway vote in Victor’s favor at the board meeting in exchange for help with Mitsukoshi. At the board meeting, Adam supports Victor’s new idea. With Davis’ vote, Victor’s idea passes. Nikki informs Victoria, Nick, and Abby that she’s hosting a birthday party for Victor at the club today. Nikki is annoyed as Victor arrives at his birthday party with Sharon. Later, Nikki informs Victor that they need to take a break from each other. Victor becomes angry and storms off. Genevieve brags to Victoria that she made a deal with Victor and now knows the secret to defeat Jabot in the Mitsukoshi bid. She reveals that she is leaving for Japan. In Japan, Genevieve waits in a tea house to meet her contact. She’s surprised when Victor enters. At the coffeehouse, Adam notices a sudden flash of light. He visits an eye doctor, who is impressed by Adam’s progress. Adam asks the doctor not to reveal he is regaining his sight. At Billy and Victoria’s, Chelsea is surprised to find Nikki is moving in while they are away. In Los Angeles, Victoria surprises Billy for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.



  1. Dee says:

    I am a bit sick of the show lately..MAB has been ignoring writing a good story for Lauren and Michael ever since she started..They can take this show and shove it cause its just the same people who get the stories and the same old crap over and over..do these people have any imagination at all.


  2. kay killgore says:

    Well can you really say you would miss this show if it got canceled?


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